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An International Embarrassment

December 28th, 2008 by Chuck · 4 Comments · Foreign Affairs

In a move typical of this body, the United Nations Security Council on Sunday roused itself to call for a halt to “all violence in the Gaza Strip” after Israel launched air strikes on several Hamas installations.  The preceding week of rocket attacks by Hamas on Israel elicited nothing from the UN.  In their normal role of ally to thugs and aggressors the world over, the UN aids and abets Hamas’s hit and run attacks on Israel by allowing Hamas to attack with impunity, and then rushing in to defend them when Israel finally responds.  The institution is a disgrace to the world, and particularly to the US, which continues to host the evil organization on its own soil.

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  • madmax

    I was at the gym yesterday and they had a plasma screen with CNN on. CNN was showing footage of the damage done by the Israeli rockets. All they showed was dead Arabs and crying Arab children. The whole broadcast was meant to generate sympathy for the “poor Muslim peoples” unfairly slaughtered by the cruel, selfish, war-mongering Jews. It nearly turned my stomach.

    I immediately thought of Dr. Peikoff’s “A Picture Is Not An Argument” speech. Pictures need to be placed in context. If anyone understands the context of Middle and Near Eastern history and politics then they understand that the Arabs and the Muslims deserve no sympathy especially from the Israelis. And that applies no matter how many Arab kids die in rocket attacks.

  • L-C

    But madmax, didn’t you know emotions are primary and irreducible?

  • Myrhaf

    The reporting of the Israel-terrorism conflict has always been based in the premises of altruism and egalitarianism. Israel is strong and Hamas is weak, therefore Israel is expected to sacrifice for the weak and not to respond too “harshly” to terrorism. As a result, terrorists live on and more Israelis die.

    Remember, in the week before Israel attacked, Hamas launched over 200 rocket attacks!

    Here is some good news from Contentions:

    “When Israel attacked, Hamas was caught completely off guard. Just as an illustration, one of the targets was a police academy, where Hamas was holding a graduation ceremony for its newest recruits. According to reports, over 70 Hamas gunmen were killed in that raid alone.”

  • Elisheva Levin

    I was pleased to see this little blog entry and the ARI statement that the US should support Israel’s self-defense.

    Most of the blogosphere (at least the part that I inhabit) seems to be oblivious to what is happening or makes claims of moral equivalency.