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December 19th, 2008 by Bill Brown · 4 Comments · Comment Contest Friday

Many blogs do a caption contest every Friday wherein the blogger posts a picture and then visitors leave their take on an appropriate and funny caption for that photo. I really enjoy contributing to those sorts of things, but it doesn’t seem appropriate for TNC so how about a comment contest on Fridays. We select an article—nothing too lengthy—and you supply a comment analyzing it. Our commenters thus far have been exceedingly insightful so I’ll be most interested to read your take. Winner gets a free RSS subscription to TNC!

“Rule Shields Health Workers Who Withhold Care Based on Beliefs”

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  • Joan of Argghh!

    Preemptive strike against O’s plans to revoke the “Mexico City” rule.

    Once Obama acts, the 1400 Catholic hospitals in the US will shut down. They’ve said as much.

    We’ll have a health care “crisis” that only the government can fix.

    Voila! Obamacare is ushered in on astroglide.

  • Justin

    Jesus, comrades!

  • Cogito

    The proponents of this measure support the “rights of conscience” of the workers, and the opponents support the “right to be provided care” of patients, particularly women… But what about the actual right of hospital administrators to determine the workings of their own organizations, both in terms of who they hire and which procedures they offer? And what about the right of doctors, nurses, ultrasound techs, and custodial engineers to choose not to work for a company that engages in practices they don’t find conscionable?

  • Mike N

    Just as bad money drives out good, faith based medicine will drive out knowledge based medicine.