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Heroes of Capitalism

December 30th, 2008 by Galileo Blogs · 1 Comment · Culture

I enjoy many good blogs. However, I want to draw attention to a great new one I discovered, “Heroes of Capitalism.” Each day this blog features a businessman who improved our lives. Actually, the last part of that sentence is redundant because a successful businessman in a capitalist economy always improves our lives by creating goods that we value and purchase from him in trade.

The businessmen cited so far range from the well-known (Henry Ford and Steve Jobs) to the obscure (James Wright and Peter Hodgson, developers of “Silly Putty”), but all of them are benefactors to man. We can all thank them and have already done so, simply by purchasing and using their products, but this website goes further by publicly acknowledging their achievements.

Men like this need to be recognized. They are the “human face” of capitalism, the social system that frees them, and all of us, to produce. If I stop to think about it, nearly every second of my life I am using one of their products and my life has been made healthier, happier, longer, and full of great enjoyable things as a result.

Thank you, businessmen, and thank you to the producers of “Heroes of Capitalism” for bringing their good work to the attention of the world.

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  • Elisheva Levin

    Thanks for the link!
    This will be quite useful for our son’s education. And it’s fun, besides. I remember Silly Putty (TM). But I never knew who had invented it. 🙂