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A Good Sign?

January 6th, 2009 by Myrhaf · 1 Comment · Culture

Secular Right notes that this campaign video did not help Elizabeth Dole get reelected.

As Walter Olson notes,

If this sort of thing goes over badly with voters in North Carolina, a state with strong evangelical church attendance and long the base of Sen. Jesse Helms, it’s hard to see it as a viable strategy nationwide. (And don’t write it off as an isolated lapse of some Dole staffers, either: as YouTube confirms, the official National Republican Senatorial Committee was hip-deep in the strategy.)

Elizabeth Dole did not deserve reelection. She was very much the standard welfare statist with no understanding of free market economics. In desperation she scaremongered against “godless Americans.” I laughed when the ad said Dole’s opponent, Kay Hagen, “took godless money.”

I don’t know if all this means much in big picture, but I take this ad’s failure as a small good sign — at least, I hope it is. If Republicans pursue this line of attack against “godless Americans,” they are heading for permanent minority status.

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