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Another Day at the Freak Show

January 4th, 2009 by Myrhaf · 1 Comment · Politics

Governor Richardson has withdrawn as Obama’s Secretary of Commerce because of scandal.

Looks like Al Franken is on his way to the Senate. (Prediction: Franken will be funnier as a Senator than he was as a comedian.)

Looks like Caroline Kennedy is on her way to the Senate. (More laughs!)

Looks like Roland Burris, appointed by Governor Blagojevich, is on his way to the Senate. He meets Harry Reid on Wednesday.

Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe is running for Governor of Virginia.

Neither President-Elect Obama nor his Secretary of State-but not yet Hillary Clinton can move themselves to support President Bush’s support of Israel. Such a statement would make someone angry, so they’re taking the politician’s way out by saying nothing.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell says Republicans could support a $1 trillion “stimulus” deal.

“If they pursue a fair process…and give both sides an opportunity to have input, to have a true bipartisan stamp, he’s likely to get significant support,” McConnell said of a broad stimulus plan supported by President-elect Obama. “I don’t think that they even seriously can defend… doing this without bipartisan consideration.”

Let me translate McConnell’s statement: If you want our support, give us Republicans our share of the loot stolen from the Americans who produce wealth. We too have campaign donors to keep happy.

The three Republicans favored to win the presidential nomination in 2012 are Governors Palin, Romney and Huckabee.

What conclusion can we draw from this collection of stories about corruption and mediocrity? These are the kinds of politicians who tend to succeed in a welfare state. In the back rooms they cut deals and play pressure group politics; in front of the cameras they preen about their compassion and urge Americans to sacrifice.

Keep sacrificing, America! Without that, these politicians might lose their power.

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  • Galileo Blogs

    Real life imitates fiction, or fiction is all too real. These corrupt and mediocre fiends are just like the corrupt and mediocre villains in Atlas Shrugged. Corrupt, yes. Mediocre, in spades. These dimunitive monsters feast on the living flesh of the productive, but all of it is made possible by the morality — altruism — that says it is their right to do so.

    As long as what they steal is for a “noble cause” [feed the poor, save the economy, save the whales, whatever] then thievery (and a whole lot worse that we have yet to see) is justified.