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Four Years of This

January 21st, 2009 by Bill Brown · 2 Comments · The Horror File

From the no-detail-about-The-One-goes-unreported department:

It’s the same Oval Office. The same desk. Even the same curtains. But President Obama has already made one major change: Go through eight years of White House photos, and you won’t find one of former President Bush in the Oval Office without his jacket on.

It wasn’t just a personal preference. In the Bush administration, it was a rule: Jackets in the Oval Office—and now, it seems, one of the first Bush-era regulations to get scrapped in the Obama White House.

And a commenter to the “non-news” left this poignant observation:

That’s because President Obama will actually be rolling up his sleeves and getting to work. You have to take off your jacket to do that. This new approach shows that Obama is down to earth and approachable. Way to go, Obama! Loving your style.

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  • Ryan Mulkerin

    Is Obama going to be building the economy by hand or something? I love the left’s obsession with useless symbols.

  • Justin

    Ryan: I agree. The left’s obsession with meaningless gestures is one of the silliest end-stage-ridiculosities of the mentality which drives them: “if it feels good, do it.” The Darfurians thank you for wearning that shirt, hippie–they feel better about themselves now too.

    If any of you haven’t seen it, this website is an extremely humorous skewering of the pretentious liberal mindset:

    Since the left doesn’t have a monopoly on “mind-driven-by-emotion,” we should have expected that they wouldn’t have a monopoloy on the “empty gesture” movement, either: