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Generation We

January 20th, 2009 by Myrhaf · 5 Comments · Culture

If you think the Baby Boomers are bad, watch this video of Generation We:


This New Leftist bilge is the stuff our kids are being indoctrinated with in public schools. It is environmentalist, collectivist, statist and altruist. It’s a portrait of a generation of conformists ready to sacrifice themselves for the collective.

Some might object that their commitment to engage and solve problems is admirable. But they show no understanding of what caused our problems and no understanding of how to solve them. Collectivist action will not solve anything, but will only deepen our problem, which is that we are losing our individual freedom.

For instance, these kids say they must work to provide health care for all. They don’t say they want freedom in health care or to get the government out of medicine; they just want to provide health care for all. Well, that means socialized medicine — which means the end of freedom in health care. It means turning doctors into bureaucrats who must follow orders dictated to them by the state. Eventually, it will mean rationing health care, as we see in Canada and Europe.

These kids complain that they are the first generation to see an America in decline. What could possibly sent health care into decline faster and more surely than state intervention?

If America is in decline, it is because state intervention in the economy has been growing for over a century now. Nothing in this video indicates that Generation We wants to reverse the growth of the state. On the contrary, it sounds like they are willing to give up even more freedom in the spirit of altruism.

It is particularly galling that these children mouth leftist anti-American garbage such as, “we must end the perception that America is an arrogant and greedy nation.” In other words, we must sacrifice even more for the socialist hell-holes around the world, and when we are attacked, we must restrain any response that might be perceived to be in our selfish national interest. We can’t do anything arrogant like, you know, waging a serious war or actually destroying the enemy. If only we had sacrificed more, those poor people wouldn’t have attacked us in the first place!

Yaron Brook speculated last year that we have maybe 20 years to turn the culture around. After that it might be too late. Judging by this video, I don’t know if we have that long.

If Generation We is the future of America, then the battle is lost. It’s over. These goddamn young fools will take America right down the drain, preening in moral exhibitionism every inch of the way.

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  • L-C

    They remind me of the European style “liberal socialist” chic young intelligentsia.

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  • Matt F.

    The people I am around the most know that one of my most-repeated phrases is “I hate my generation.” If anyone asks why, I’ll start pointing them to this…atrocity.

  • Elithrion

    You seem to be confusing the opinion of a generation (if such a thing exists) with that of a lobbying group which has found a likely voting bloc for its issue. Please observe how the video clearly heaps on praise by anyone’s standards, and especially by typical ones (independent, etc), and then proceeds to equate it with supporting lots of money spent on green things. It’s a typical marketing gimmick and reading this much into it is surely foolish.

  • Myrhaf

    I would not expect every last member of any generation to agree with the altruism and collectivism in this video. I’m sure there’s a minority of the Millennial Generation that disagrees, maybe a sizable minority. But if environmentalists have a “likely voting bloc” in that generation, then that supports my point, doesn’t it?