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Inauguration Obamanation

January 17th, 2009 by Bill Brown · 7 Comments · Politics

President Bush declared the Washington, D.C. area a federal disaster area and in a state of emergency in anticipation of the Obama coronation next week. This was done to allow federal funds to flow to the city to cover costs associated with the inauguration, which the city estimate at $75 million. Total costs for the event are expected to top $160 million. And we may be facing these expenses every four years until Obama decides to stop.

There is an emergency in Washington, D.C. The Constitution and the view of individual rights that it stems from have been swept aside in a hurricane of statism. Unfortunately, the disaster is going on 75 years now and there are no signs of federal relief.

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  • David Weisman

    The media have been spreading misinformation about the cost of Obama’s inauguration.

  • Bill Brown

    Sorry, where did it say that it wasn’t going to cost $160 million? All I can see is liberal whining that Bush’s inaugurations were nearly as expensive. So what? Bush’s were too expensive also. The imperial presidency, no matter who’s ascending, requires a regal coronation ceremony. I am against such a view of the presidency and inaugurations should be rather simple affairs, as they have nearly always been.

  • Peter Murphy

    Bill Brown, you are spot on.

    In this regard, I recall Thomas Jefferson’s instructions as to what should be inscribed on his tombstone at Monticello: “the following inscription, & not a word more ‘Here was buried Thomas Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of American Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom & Father of the University of Virginia’ because by these testimonials that I have lived, I wish most to be remembered.”

  • L-C

    Well, Mr. Popstar has a blank check on your account, and do you see all those guards, policemen and military personnel in DC? That’s only a portion of the people enforcing his “right” to that blank check.

    When someone else is paying for the party, it’s easy to forget all about frugality. When that “someone else” has to go through literally an army to get to your supposed accountability for that party, frugality never needed to be in your vocabulary to begin with.

    So, it is not a question of “why is the presidential inauguration so lavish and costly?” but “why not?”.

  • Rational Jenn

    Repealing the 22nd Amendment? And here I had thought we’d only have 8 years at most of our New New Deal Change Guy.

    Wow. Hopefully the bill won’t make it past Judiciary.

  • Jim May

    Is anyone else noticing that we heard from loony leftists for eight years that Bush was going to do something to get around the term limit, and here we have an Obamaton entering such a motion before the Dear Leader is even inaugurated?

    Do Leftists *always* project like that?

  • Myrhaf

    Projection in politics is a fascinating thing. I think it happens because it’s hard to understand that everyone does not share one’s values. Leftists believe in the efficacy of force; reason is merely a handmaiden of force. They cannot believe their opponents might still take reason seriously, especially when so many on the right are mystics.