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Objectivist Psychology and a Bit of Good News

January 26th, 2009 by Mike N · 6 Comments · Link Cavalcade

I posted this too on my website and it sparked an uptic in interest. So I thought I would recommend three sites to visit for any TNC readers who may be interested in Objectivist psychology.

First is Dr. Michael J. Hurd Ph.D. who now post his Daily Dose of Reason for all to read.

Second is Dr. Ellen Kenner Ph.D. who has her own radio show titled “The Rational Basis of Happiness”. You can listen to some of her past shows via pod casts or even listen in on a live one. Her show is carried on 44 stations in North America and 2 in Canada.

Third is Fire Fly Sun hosted by Dr. Scott J. Adams Ph.D. This is an interesting and large site to explore. You’ll also see contributions by both the above Dr. Hurd and Dr. Kenner as well as others.

At his blog Scott Holleran informs us that “Penguin has announced that it will publish a trade paperback for We the Living by Ayn Rand.”


“The powerful We the Living, one of my favorite novels, is the last of Ayn Rand’s four novels to be reprinted in the larger trade paperback format. Publicity materials also make reference to a biography of Ayn Rand (1905-1982) that’s slated for sale next month.”

Now that’s good news.

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  • Burgess Laughlin

    Is there such a thing as “Objectivist psychology”? Perhaps it means only “psychology as variously practiced or taught by individuals who support the philosophy of Objectivism.”

    Strictly speaking, there is no such as Objectivist specialized-science X, is there? No Objectivist chemistry or Objectivist biology?

    Mike N, thanks for the list of names and links. I passed it on to a university student majoring in psychology and planning to go to graduate school. She is a member of our local network of Objectivists.

  • Mike N

    You are right Burgess. There is no such entity as Objectivist psychology. There is only psychology based on Objectivist principles or from an Objectivist perspective. That is what I was trying to convey. I see now I should have been more precise. Perhaps someday there will be one but right now there is no such thing. Those listed above are psychologists who apply the principles of Objectivism to the field of psychology.

  • Joseph Kellard

    I find Dr. Michael Hurd’s Daily Dose of Reason a great benefit and have been reading it daily for many years now. Also, I also highly recommend his book “Grow Up, America” — and not just because one of the chapters consists of an interview I did with Dr. Hurd on public education.

  • L-C

    Same here, been reading Daily Dose for several years. I also recommend many of the entires in his “Life’s a Beach” column, which is linked to in the lefthand menu. It pertains more to everyday life.

  • Benpercent

    A “trade paperback”? What is that specifically?

  • Mike N

    It’s my understanding that a trade paperback is slightly larger that the run of the mill paperback book. Wikipedia agrees in part but evidently there are other meanings as well.