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Recipe for Suicide

January 21st, 2009 by Myrhaf · 4 Comments · Politics

The leftist Katrina Vanden Heuval wants President Obama to reconstruct American society. Let’s look at her agenda point by point.

Reverse our deepening economic inequality by using this country’s still immense wealth to assure that all Americans have the healthcare, housing and education they need;

The cost for this would be so massive that it would mean lowering the standard of living for all Americans who still choose to be productive in order to support the moocher class and the federal bureaucrats who push all the paper in this system.

reengage the world with wisdom and humility about the limits of military power;

Translation: appease our enemies.

cut billions from wasteful defense budgets that empty our treasury without making us more secure;

Vanden Heuval wants Obama to cut spending in the one area that spending legitimately protects our freedom and individual rights.

tackle the deep corruption in a financial system that consistently favors corporations over workers;

Meaning more regulation, as if we were not already regulating business to death.

respond with urgency to the climate crisis with an Apollo-like project to make America a clean-energy innovator;

Environmentalist nonsense that will be a massive waste of government spending.

restore our tattered constitution;

Translation: hamper intelligence, make America less secure and treat enemy combatants not as an enemy of war but as a criminal justice matter.

protect a worker’s right to organize;

More power to unions at more cost to the economy.

define a new spirit of sacrifice and service;

Obama’s already all over this one. In the left’s quest to destroy capitalism and reshape society as collectivist-statist-altruist, they must change the way Americans think. It is imperative to get them to sacrifice for the collective rather than pursue a selfish profit. The Soviets called their attempt to change human nature homo sovieticus. Apparently, America’s leftists think they can succeed where the USSR failed in recasting humans so that they act like obedient collectivists rather than reasoning individualists.

clean up our elections;

Since most election corruption comes from the left, I’m not sure what she means here. Maybe she is still sore about Florida in 2000.

and reaffirm his campaign-trail commitment to end not just the war in Iraq but also “end the mindset that took us into” that war.

More appeasement.

Do not endanger the promise of this Administration by escalating militarily in Afghanistan, further draining resources that are vital for rebuilding here at home and impede critical international initiatives such as renewing the Middle East peace process.

More appeasement.

Vanden Heuval wants Obama to destroy our liberty at home and appease those who would destroy it abroad. This program would end any hope of us returning to a prosperous America with a growing economy. It would ensure that, as Arthur Laffer put it, the age of prosperity is over.

This agenda would reshape American government in accordance with the morality of altruism, as the welfare state has been doing for a century now. Vanden Heuval’s program is not a radical departure from the status quo, but next logical step in the growth of big government. The only difference is that she is implicitly saying, “To hell with the cost — just do it.” But even this trend was begun by George W. Bush, most dramatically with his $700 billion bailout of Wall Street.

I think Obama would enthusiastically agree with most, if not all, of Vanden Heuval’s platform.

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  • Jim Woods

    Currently, I am reading Theodore Dalrymple’s book Life at the Bottom: The Worldview that Makes the Underclass. Dalrymple is an English psychiatrist who works in a slum hospital and a prison. The book relates the consequences of the welfare state on the underclass.

    Based upon his experiences in the UK, the primary victims of the policies advocated by Obama will be the recipients. It is an ugly and vicious thing that the Democrats propose to do to destroy their lives in the name of following an ideology divorced from reality.

  • Richard

    A couple, with four children, finds a painting in their attic. They like it, and hang it in their living room. One day they allow a vacuum cleaner salesman to present his product in their living room. On discovering the price, they confess that the vacuum is too expensive. He commiserates about the cost of living etc., and comments that he really likes their picture. Suggesting he could help them out, he asks how much they would like for it. They debate it, and suggest $500. He haggles a bit, but they are firm: “We like the picture and would not part with it for less.” He agrees to the full amount, and pays them in cash, on the spot. The money helps them buy groceries for several months.

    One day, some years later, the couple sees the same painting on display in the window of a very high-end art store. It is priced at $85,000!

    Clearly, they lost about $84,500 on the very day they traded away the picture, because they did not know the value of what they had. They did not know because they had not done the learning, or research, required to understand.

    Are they innocent victims or, given that some art is worth a lot of money, were they just fools, in the sense that: “a fool and his money are soon parted? The answer is pretty obvious.

    The same foolishness is true of every voter who democratically supports legislative violations of Individual Rights. Unaware of the enormous value of Individual Rights, they are willing to give them up for the short term benefit that violation of those rights, as politicians purport, will bring.
    The painting analogy is very concrete, whereas the Individual Rights circumstance is abstract, but the principle is the same. The analogy also serves as clarion call to the electorate to understand abstract ideas. Unfortunately, few survive the Public (read: “State”) education system…

    The State seeks to take over two things, first and foremost: the money supply and education. With those two things under their control, they marginalize the few who could stop their climb to totalitarianism.

  • Harold

    I like that story.

  • Jim May

    I heard an analogous one about a child trading away a dollar for a penny… same concept.

    When I hear people saying “there ought to be a law” in order to deal with minor issues, I shake my head at how cheap are the baubles people are willing to buy with their freedom.