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The Dead End

January 30th, 2009 by Chuck · 2 Comments · Politics

There hasn’t been much discussion of this, that I have noticed.  The government has decided, in its infinite wisdom, that all Americans, without exception, need to have digital television, if they want television at all.  The poor, benighted citizens of America have no choice in the matter.  

I suppose we’ve grown so used to this sort of government intervention in the economy, that we barely notice it anymore.  The government decides cars need to get 30 miles per gallon, and issues a command to the Big Three: “Make it so.”   Big Brother doesn’t take no for an answer.

Where does this particular avenue of encroachment end?  If they can tell us what kind of car we can drive, and what kind of television we can use, what nook or cranny of the private life of citizens is beyond the reach of government mandates?  Already the government is telling restaurants what kind of food they may serve, employers who they must hire, and how much they must pay them, and the list goes on endlessly.

There is an end to it, of course.  We need only look to North Korea to see that end.  It’s a dead end.

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  • EdMcGon

    Amen Chuck! *thumbs up*

  • L-C

    So long as little equals nothing in terms of government expansion, as far as the general public is concerned, gradualism/incrementalism will continue to be a fatally successful strategy.

    A zero tolerance policy in this regard only makes sense if one acknowledges the power of ideas.