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The Way of the Ruling Class

January 15th, 2009 by Myrhaf · 2 Comments · Politics

Michelle Obama’s $300,000 “job” at the University of Chicago Hospitals has been eliminated. It’s no longer necessary now that Mrs. Obama has moved on to bigger things and does not need a $300,000 kickback for earmarks her Senator husband sends to the institution. As Ace of Spades puts it, “The Chicago Way. Cush no-show jobs for political favors.”

This is the same woman who lectured America that “Barack Obama will require you to work.” And she said it with a straight face. She has no problem telling Americans they will be forced at the point of a gun to labor — and that’s what it comes down to, when you set aside the bureaucratic niceties designed to hide the gun — while she is taking $300,000 for a meaningless “job.” You don’t even get the Clintonian twinkle in the eye and smirk on the lips from Comrade Obama.

Doubtless, she thinks the arrangement was perfectly ethical. Michelle Obama is motivated by altruism, not the selfish pursuit of profit, so she deserves $300,000 for a job so unnecessary it can be eliminated the moment she scores First Lady. Michelle Obama is a philosopher-queen, among the enlightened elite that may hold power over the unwashed masses, the lowly, benighted Americans who must spend their grubby days pursuing a profit. Someone must take care of these wretches blinded by greed.

Only businessmen are capable of evil in Mrs. Obama’s America. The leftist Robert Scheer put it well in a recent piece railing against the TARP bailout. (It seems that no one exactly knows how the first $350 billion was spent.)

Why rush to throw another $350 billion of taxpayer money at the Wall Street bandits and their political cronies who created the biggest financial mess since the Great Depression?

Please note that no Wall Street fat cat ever put a gun to anyone’s head to steal his money. Only the state gets to do that. To Mr. Scheer big businessmen are “bandits” anyway. They must be: they’re motivated by greed. How could such twisted people be innocent?

How wonderful that we have elected to power people who are too noble to pursue a profit. The Obamas are so good, so compassionate, and so committed to the public welfare that they are willing to take total control of our lives — all for our own good.  Obama will pay for our gas and our mortgage bills! All we need do is submit to their power. Let us dispense with the chimera of “liberty,” which is just propaganda that allows capitalists to get rich off the working man’s back.

Then we will have security. We can relax knowing that we are being taken care of by the wise and good souls in Washington, D.C. It’s what the Ponytail Guy in a 1992 debate wanted: for the President to think of American citizens as his children.

On your knees, America. Sacrifice for the collective. Give up your freedom. Submit! It’s for your own good.

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  • Mike N

    Yes. I expect a lot of corruption from this administration. Only they will regard it as the normal way to do business. And if anybody gets hurt like maybe citizens, President Obama will hasten to their defense claiming it was only an innocent mistake. The press of course will kneel in complete agreement.

  • Chuck

    And here I thought sinecures were a relic of our barbarous past. I guess Democrats can be conservative, too, when it comes to grand old traditions like this one.