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Another Grim Milestone

February 13th, 2009 by Myrhaf · 3 Comments · Politics

As America descends into fascism, we have seen milestones in the last decade that mark our decline. Al Gore’s flouting of the voting process, a pillar of our freedom, was a marker. The rise in violent demonstrations by “anarchists,” compassionate conservatism, a permanent war of American sacrifice abroad, , bailouts and the de facto nationalization of corporations that take government money, Obama’s cult of personality, and the media’s loss of objectivity are all markers.

The stimulus bill is another precedent that marks a big loss in freedom. The “pork” in the bill, which is probably the bill’s least important aspect, is getting most of the criticism. As Michael G. Franc of the Heritage Foundation points out, the bill is much worse than people think.

Over the last three weeks the policy experts at my institution, the Heritage Foundation, have published dozens of biting critiques of literally every aspect of the House and Senate versions of this legislative monstrosity. They agree on one thing: Under the guise of stimulating the economy, this one bill contains a generation’s worth of liberal policymaking, an entire Great Society-scale agenda, one that advances the liberals’ view of man and his relationship to government enough to cause LBJ himself to turn red with envy.

The pork and the overall spending are every bit as bad as the critics say, but in the long run, they are mere distractions. The real damage comes from other, less noticed provisions in the bills.

The House and/or Senate stimulus bills would undo the 1996 welfare reforms, explode entitlement spending by a cool quarter trillion dollars, lay the groundwork for the federal government’s takeover of our health care system, double Uncle Sam’s already overbearing role in education, require taxpayers to pick up the bail tab for potentially dangerous felons, allow unemployed Wall Street executives to qualify for Medicaid, and reignite the fires of trade protectionism, thereby risking a global trade war.  

Not bad for the first month of unified liberal rule in Washington, eh?

Think about that list in the second to last paragraph. Shouldn’t there be some debate about reversing the 1996 welfare reform? Shouldn’t there be some debate about doubling the education budget or socializing medicine? Instead, the Democrats are trying to sneak all these things through by saying we are in an unprecedented crisis and only massive government spending will get us out of this mess. This bill is the most dishonest government act of my lifetime, if not all of American history.

The entire Democrat Party is colluding in the dishonesty. Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the rest would rather achieve their goals dishonestly than through open debate. Modern philosophy has corrupted the left to the point that it has no confidence in reason, and sees only force and force’s handmaiden, lies, as metaphysically efficacious.

A party that will destroy the truth is capable of any crime. The Democrats, radicalized by over 40 years of the New Left, are a party ready for totalitarianism. The only thing stopping them is the fear that the rest of America is not so corrupt as to let them get away with the total destruction of freedom.

They are right to be afraid. As long as America has freedom of speech, they won’t get away with their dishonesty. They need to shut down the internet and the radio waves to keep the truth from making their lives miserable. To get away with crackdown that huge they need a huge crisis as a rationalization — something like a nuclear bomb exploding on Wall Street. Such an atrocity would be the best thing that ever happened to the totalitarians in our midst.

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