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Law, European Style

February 27th, 2009 by Bill Brown · 11 Comments · Comment Contest Friday

Many blogs do a caption contest every Friday wherein the blogger posts a picture and then visitors leave their take on an appropriate and funny caption for that photo. I really enjoy contributing to those sorts of things, but it doesn’t seem appropriate for TNC so how about a comment contest on Fridays. We select an article—nothing too lengthy—and you supply a comment analyzing it. Our commenters thus far have been exceedingly insightful so I’ll be most interested to read your take. Winner gets a free RSS subscription to TNC!

“Supermarket Cashier Becomes German Anti-Capitalist Hero”

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  • Chuck

    ‘Horst Seehofer, governor of the German state of Bavaria and a close political ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel, said “I don’t understand how a cashier can be fired because of €1.30 while managers who lose billions can keep their jobs.” ‘

    That would depend on why the manager lost the billions, wouldn’t it? Did he steal it, as the cashier did? Was it because of the market downturn? Was it because of things the manager had to do because of government regulations?

    The people supporting the cashier refuse to think in principles. All they see, is the small amount she stole. They refuse to take note of the principle that theft is immoral, and theft from one’s own company is also a breach of trust, as the article pointed out. If she is willing to steal a small amount this week, and gets away with it, she might very well steal a larger amount next week. She has proven she cannot be trusted.

    Also, the cashier claims she was fired because of her union activities. In a just system, a company would be allowed to fire an employee for union activities, if their contract with the employee makes that stipulation. If you work for us, you may not belong to a union. You are, of course, free to join any union you please – and we are free to fire you, if you do.

  • L-C

    “Wolfgang Thierse, a vice president of Germany’s parliament, blasted the ruling as “barbaric.” He also said that such cases could “destroy people’s confidence in democracy.”

    Democracy being the right of the mob to override rule of law and binding contracts.

    “We have 5,000 employees in Berlin. Imagine what would happen if all of them stole €1.30 every day?”

    Once again, the refusal to stand on principles. The principled answer would’be been “Theft is unacceptable regardless of the amount. It represents a breach of trust and an attack on the the concept of rights.”

    Chuck, regarding your comment about unions and contracts: it is an inextricable part of leftism not to believe in free will. The think such a sacking constitutes force even if it is entirely according to a mutually signed contract.

  • rajesh

    Unions, left-wing groups and politicians all expressed firm solidarity- with a thief, need we say anything more?

  • Jim May

    This is what it takes to get Germans all riled up?

    They are done.


  • Burgess Laughlin

    One of my fears is that Europe will slide again into totalitarianism with or without war–and then Canada, the USA, Australia, and similar allies will again try to “save” Europe from itself.

    If a crusade happens again, the allies may become bankrupt in the process, bringing ruin to all.

    So, I would say for most European states what I would say for corrupt failing banks: “Laissez failler!

  • Burgess Laughlin

    Typo correction: “Laissez faillir!

  • Jim May

    What Europe was in 1936, the entire world is becoming now — except there is no “America” outside of it all to ride in and save it. It is no exaggeration to say that Europe would have become solidly totalitarian once more by 1918 or sooner were it not for the existence of America and its ideals.

    Let us hope that if Europe goes down first, it serves as enough of a warning to Americans to change direction.

  • madmax

    Many conservatives point to the Islamization of Europe – ie Eurabia – and say this is the inevitable consequences of Europe abandoning Christianity and embracing all that “godless atheism.” But I wonder how realistic that is. I think Europe would return to totalitarianism before it would accept Islamic rule. Peikoff is going to weigh in on this in an upcoming podcast. I’m looking forward to that.

  • L-C

    At least where I live, c0ncession after concession is made toward the Big I. Every year now, the amount of immigrants – mainly from the Middle East – outnumbers new births, and those births include the offspring of those immigrants.

    Why is this significant? Multiculturalism as opposed to assimilation. In practice this means pacifism in the face of “cultural” conquest.

  • Jim May

    The idiots — and that’s what they are — who think that Christianity is what kept Europe strong, are evading the fact that Christian Europe was very weak compared to Islamic nations during the Middle Ages. The West’s current dominance is entirely due to the rise of the Enlightenment, which tamed Christianity and made it behave.

    The mainstream ignorance of pre-Enlightenment history that these conservatives prey on — and I don’t just mean the “” sort of gutter conservative, but also their leading thinkers, like Kirk — is just appalling.

  • Madmax

    Pure Islam: “Kill the Infidel!”

    Pure Christianity: “Turn the other cheek.”

    The consistent Muslim will slaughter the consistent Christian every day of the week.