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Rick “Sam Adams” Santelli

February 19th, 2009 by Chuck · 7 Comments · Culture

I’ve always loved listening to Rick Santelli, of CNBC.  He’s the closest thing to a capitalist I’ve ever seen on any business show on television.  Today Drudge linked to a video clip of Rick that shows just why I love listening to him.

He talks about the Founding Fathers turning over in their graves over what’s going on in government today, and suggests he might helm a Chicago Tea Party on Lake Michigan.  What a breath of fresh air.

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  • nemov

    It’s funny reading some of the people on the left who are upset about Rick Santelli’s statement. Talk about unhinged.

  • Harold

    “…They moved from the individual to the collective…”


  • madmax

    Wow. Santelli was clearly disgusted with Obama and all the socialism we are getting. It also seemed that most of the people at the studio were somewhat uncomfortable with what Santelli was saying. They were trying to minimize it through jest.

    “It’s funny reading some of the people on the left who are upset about Rick Santelli’s statement. Talk about unhinged.”

    If anyone wants to see the Leftist response to Santelli, here is a link to a HuffPo hit piece on the subject. There is not one honest or rational response in the mix.

    Warning: reading through this Leftist litany of anti-capitalist hate could possibly cause stomach cramps, headaches and, yes, maybe even gas pains and flatulence:

  • Chuck

    Yes, all the studio hosts at CNBC are mealy mouthed compromisers (or worse), and Santelli often makes them uncomfortable. But the guys in the trading pit obviously were of the same mind as Santelli. I wish there were more reporters with Santelli’s courage on the air. He’s the only one who’ll call a spade a spade.

  • Joseph Kellard

    It will be interesting to see if Santelli actually keeps his job. As Sean Hannity pointed out tonight, CNBC is very left-wing and may now want Santelli’s head.

  • Myrhaf

    One guy speaks the truth on TV and it’s a major news story, with the media asking the Obama administration for its reaction.

  • madmax

    Interesting reaction by the White House. They had to acknowledge it so they brushed it off as the rantings of someone “who doesn’t know what he is talking about.” But what I find more interesting is the reaction of the Left, specifically how shallow it is. If you go to any leftist site all they say is that Santelli “hates poor people” or Santelli “wants to kick people out of their homes” or Santelli “favors bailouts for the banks but not for poor people.” The last is a flat out lie as Santelli has opposed the bailout of the banks as well.

    In short, all that really motivates the left is altruism. Rick Santelli opposes the redistribution of wealth therefore he is a meanie. Its sad really. This ridiculous, unlivable moral code which on its surface is bizarre has such a deathgrip on essentially everyone on this planet that it is basically unchallengable. At least not yet.

    Its like altruism is the matrix and Rand is the red pill. Swallow the damn pill and your free.