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FedEx Asserts Their Right to Exist

March 25th, 2009 by Amy Nasir · 5 Comments · Business

One company refusing to be shackled, FedEx, backed out of a $7 billion Boeing order after Congress threatened to unleash the hordes of the wealth-plundering Teamsters on them, as reported by today’s Wall Street Journal, “FedEx Threatens to Cancel Jet Orders.” 

Actually, FedEx did not “threaten” to cancel the order, it was arranged in their contract to begin with.  A condition was stipulated that if the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved a bill facilitating workers’ unionization within the shipping service, FedEx could simply not afford to purchase the Boeing airplanes:

“It is exceedingly unlikely that we would purchase those airplanes” should Congress change the law, said FedEx spokesman Maury Lane. “The legislation could cripple the company and eliminate the need for the extra planes,” Mr. Lane said.

Among FedEx’s 290,000 workers, only the company’s 4,700 pilots are unionized. At UPS, about 240,000 of the companies 425,000 employees are union members, mostly Teamsters.

But according to Congressman Jim Oberstar (D-MN), FedEx will stay in business “somehow”:

“That’s huffing and puffing, that’s all that is,” said Rep. Oberstar, in response to FedEx.

So FedEx should not be angry, and just smile approvingly, when a government thug forces them to hire more employees at higher wages, buy more planes, run at loss and keep everyone on payroll and benefits regardless of the loss.  Indeed, this would be an opportune set-up for a future bailout and nationalization.  

The Teamsters quip that FedEx intends to “blackmail Congress.”  Except the contract was between Boeing and FedEx, not FedEx and Congress.  They say FedEx will “fire another torpedo through the American economy.”  However, the economy does not run on the power of brute labor (or the union rajahs who collect dues), but by the exacting, long-range-thinking, value-making mind of a businessman.  The Teamsters and Congress are the ones wielding the torpedo, and FedEx needs to find a big enough moral shield to fend off the attack.

Contact FedEx and tell them they are morally right to abide by their contracts regardless of what the slave-masters in Congress or the power-lusting Teamsters say.  Kudos to FedEx if they stand their moral ground and assert their right to exist.

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  • Amy Nasir

    My quick email to FedEx:

    I posted this on my blog, and wanted to send it to FedEx as well. In essence, please do not give in to the unreasonable demands of the Teamsters or Congress. Stick to your contract. FedEx has a moral right to exist and do business the way it sees fit. As a customer, I truly appreciate your fiscal responsibility and would be disappointed if you gave into these bullies and ran at a loss. This might lead to have to ask for a bailout in the future. Please stand your ground – you have a moral right to do so.

  • Burgess Laughlin

    > ” Kudos to FedEx if they stand their moral ground and assert their right to exist.”

    To do so, they will need to understand and state a principle. Forming, integrating, and applying principles takes time.

    Your email has given them a lead to that principle: “Please stand your ground – you have a moral right to do so.”

  • Rory David Hodgson

    “On this material, profit-chasing earth, an enormous investment of virtue—of intelligence, integrity, energy, skill—is required to construct a railroad to carry them the distance of one mile; in their non-material, non-profit world, they travel from planet to planet at the cost of a wish. If an honest person asks them: ‘How?’—they answer with righteous scorn that a ‘how’ is the concept of vulgar realists; the concept of superior spirits is ‘Somehow.’ On this earth restricted by matter and profit, rewards are achieved by thought; in a world set free of such restrictions, rewards are achieved by wishing.”

  • Kelly Brown

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