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Opening the Floodgates?

March 13th, 2009 by Bill Brown · 2 Comments · Comment Contest Friday

Many blogs do a caption contest every Friday wherein the blogger posts a picture and then visitors leave their take on an appropriate and funny caption for that photo. I really enjoy contributing to those sorts of things, but it doesn’t seem appropriate for TNC so how about a comment contest on Fridays. We select an article—nothing too lengthy—and you supply a comment analyzing it. Our commenters thus far have been exceedingly insightful so I’ll be most interested to read your take. Winner gets a free RSS subscription to TNC!

“Morally Unserious in the Extreme”

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  • Jim May

    I see the “If God is dead, everything is permitted” premise underlying that essay.

    It’s annoying to see the way that conservatives and liberals can be so spot on in their criticisms of each other, while being thick as a brick when it comes to the gaping errors in their own viewpoints.

    Krauthammer says:

    “Science has everything to say about what is possible. Science has nothing to say about what is permissible. ”

    To him I would say: You are correct, sir. That is the job of *reason*. I would say it because I know full well that, as a conservative, *reason* is really what he means.

  • Grant

    Um, how exactly is distinguishing between embryos or fetuses and a new born baby not a line? Just because it’s not his line doesn’t mean it’s not a line.

    The disturbing part about using that concept to make that point and win the political battle is that, because his line is completely arbirtary, he’s actually getting rid of the line entirely – and turning the issue over to the bald assertions of whoever happens to be in power.

    All for the sake of preserving “the line.”