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Earth Day is Anti-Mind

April 22nd, 2009 by Mike N · 6 Comments · Environmentalism

Earth Day is hear once again and so are the calls for human sacrifices. Humans, we are told, must give up their technological way of life for a more austere one in order to save the planet. But saving the planet is not the real goal of the environmentalists. Human sacrifice is the real political and moral goal. Not sacrifice to achieve any desired end, but sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice, sacrifice as a way of life. The thing to be sacrificed is man’s mind.

Notice how any suggestion that modern technology be used to save nature is met with indignant hostility. Observe that the peasants of Africa are not required to make sacrifices. They are already right where the enviros want them, close to nature–starving–and are already sacrificing the only thing they have to sacrifice, their future.

Environmentalists hold that all living organisms have an absolute, unconditional right to exist, except one–man. It is only man that must sacrifice his nature, his way of life, his happiness, his survival to all the plants, bugs and creatures of the planet. Man has no right to survive according to his own unique nature–which is by means of his reasoning mind. Make no mistake about it, the assault on man is an assault on reason. The protection of nature is only the excuse, the rationalization they use to attack man’s mind.

Earth Day should be renamed ‘Man Day’ to celebrate man’s mastery and therefore control over his environment. If the enviros really were concerned about nature they would champion laissez-faire capitalism, the only system that can provide for the survival of both man and nature.

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  • Sean K.

    You misspelled the 4th word in the article. Other than that I don’t give a flying hoot about earth day or your take on it.

  • Andrew Dalton

    Well, that was a useful comment.

  • Myrhaf

    I don’t give a flying hoot about Earth Day either, but I would not dismiss Mike N.’s take on it.

  • Mark E.

    That’s funny that hee doesn’t give a flying hoot, and yet for some strange reason, he’s reading the essay and going to the trouble of commenting on it. (I think it should be a cool new fad to misspell the 4th word.)

  • Mike N

    Thanks guys. Some bloakes just like to see their name in print I guess. You might have someting there with that 4th word thingy. Perhaps a way uf saying ‘your argument bores me’ or ‘you contradict yourself’ or some such. Hmmm.

  • Richard

    “Other than that I don’t give a flying hoot about earth day or your take on it.”

    Appears as though Woodsy Owl has become somewhat disenchanted in his old age.