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Muddying the Waters

April 3rd, 2009 by Bill Brown · 2 Comments · The Horror File

Watch this video (sorry, but I can’t embed) and read this transcript. Really makes you appreciate Daniel Hannan even more, doesn’t it?

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  • Mike N

    “Really makes you appreciate Daniel Hannan even more, doesn’t it?”

    Yes. Obama is starting to make George Bush look like a sholastic master of the English language.

    Well, almost.

  • Myrhaf

    If Obama were quick on his feet, he would have answered that reporter’s question with something like:

    “Look, I’m focused on finding solutions, not assigning blame. I don’t think pointing fingers will solve our problems.”

    It’s an evasive answer, but a smooth one. I think Clinton might have said something like that.

    Obama’s fundamental problem, though, is that he agrees with the anti-Americanism implicit in the question. He agrees with France that America is deeply flawed, and is the source of most bad things that happen in the world. Obama has automatized that he must hide his anti-Americanism from the world, and that is why he was tongue tied. His “standing order” in his subconscious not to reveal his anti-Americanism conflicted with his need to answer the question.