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Don’t Stop the Motoring

May 26th, 2009 by Bill Brown · 3 Comments · Business

As a proud owner of a MINI Cooper, I was aghast to see MINI calling for a “Let’s Not Motor Day”. We had an Earth Hour where we’re supposed to turn off the lights and we’ve had a Buy Nothing Day. But those were put on by anti-consumer types; this “Let’s Not Motor Day” is akin to GE suggesting Earth Hour or Macy’s recommending Buy Nothing Day. It is disgusting to see a company selling a great product ashamed of it.

This is a blatant example of what Ayn Rand called “the sanction of the victim,” one of her most powerful insights into the modern businessman. In the name of making peace with their detractors, modern corporations will support and further their ends. Here MINI USA is seeking to curry favor with those who regard automobiles as a blight on the Earth, those who would have us confined to the range of our legs. Sadly, MINI is not alone in its complicity—examples abound of industries trumpeting their “greenness” even though it is directly contrary to their interests.

MINI requests that you make a pledge of how many miles you won’t motor on June 5th. Luckily, they don’t do a particularly good job of validating input so I was able to pledge -10 miles. It’s a small thing, to be sure, but at least I’ve registered a protest. They don’t have my sanction.

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  • Hal tse

    With regards to your “let’s not motor day” I’m declaring a let’s not buy a Mini year. This along with my -50 miles pledge ( so nice of their testers to miss that) should have them worried?

    What next Papa John’s coming out against pizza? Too late already happened. 🙂

  • Rajesh

    I had a similar experience with Suzuki India but they far further and wanted people not to drive once a week and instead use public transport. I met the branch GM (whose idea it was) where I had gone to get my car serviced. When I told him that it was illogical for a business to want it’s customers to use less of it’s product and that it made no sense if they thought that their cars were damaging the environment wouldn’t it make more sense to simply use public transport everyday and completely do away with the cars.
    The guys reactions were quite amusing. About the environment he just said all the intellectuals can’t be wrong. This guy is from IIT.

    This was one of the first things I had blogged about back in march.

  • Nathan A

    Dang, they changed the input to check for negative values. Now if you input a negative value, you get a message chiding you about what your mother earth would think of that.