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One Step At A Time

June 25th, 2009 by Myrhaf · 3 Comments · Politics

Americans are a little less free this month than they were last month. Beginning June 1st Americans are required by law to take their passport to travel to Canada or Mexico.

Back in the olden days of, well, May, Americans could drive to Mexico or Canada without papers. That’s what free countries do: they leave people alone. It seems like some exotic concept now. An individual could go to a foreign country and come back without any permission from the state? Is this some romantic neverland you’re dreaming of?

Hollywood scriptwriters have little time to communicate situations and places. They develop little tricks to show things fast. For instance, a screenwriting teacher of mine said that if you want to show that a character is a good guy, have him pet a dog. For bad guys, have them kick a dog. One quick action, 1,000 words saved.

In the old days it was easy to show a totalitarian state such as Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany. Just have some martinet in a uniform ask the hero, “Your papers, please?” That’s all you needed to show a dictatorship.

Now Americans must show their papers to get back into the country from Mexico or Canada.

We’re losing our freedoms, one step at a time. Under Obama the steps are getting bigger and bolder.

And you know some bureaucrat in the bowels of Washington, D.C. is thinking, “Wouldn’t it be easier to keep track of people if they had to take their passport from state to state? I mean, America is a big place…”

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  • pa

    Note that it’s only American citizens who have to present a passport to prove they have the right to re-enter America when they come back from Canada or Mexico. Illegals, drug smugglers, and the Mexican Army are still free to come and go as they please. I wouldn’t mind quite so much if they were being held to the same standard being forced on to the American people. In fact, passports might even be worth it if it meant that we would really, finally have control over who enters our country.

  • Jeff

    Why don’t they just tattoo our SSN on the inside of our forearms? Then you don’t have to worry about losing any paperwork.

  • Richard

    In related news the Cap and Trade bill passed the House today and will go on to the Senate. It includes a bloated 300 page amendment that provides for all manner of things like “green banking centers”, whatever that is.