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Good, Bad and Amusing

July 23rd, 2009 by Mike N · No Comments · Culture, Environmentalism

ARCTV has a 2min. video by Yaron Brook on the subject of sacrifice vs trade. While this subject needs a lot more coverage in today’s culture, Mr. Brook as usual, nails the essentials.

I know this is a few days old but I think it’s noteworthy anyway. The newest burden you will be asked to carry is provided by the Sec. of Commerce Gary Locke who says that Americans must be made to pay for some of the carbon emissions of–the Chinese! Read the WSJ blog article here. You see, the Chinese factories are making lots of inexpensive products that make our lives better, so we are the cause of their CO2 emissions.

An alert relative sent to me a link to this story. Evidently, Nashville Tenn. is experiencing new record lows for July. They didn’t mention his name but Al Gore lives in the Nashville area. Love it.

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