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The Sotomayor Hearings

July 16th, 2009 by Myrhaf · 1 Comment · Politics

It’s remarkable to hear Sonia Sotomayor walk away from every postmodern/multiculturalist statement she has made. As many have noted, she sounds like Justice Roberts all of the sudden. Now she has no place for empathy and believes the law is to be judged the same by all men regardless of race or sex.

It’s pretty obvious to critics from across the spectrum that she is lying. Like the President who nominated her, she will tell any lie in the quest for power. This seems to be SOP for the New Left, and is most troubling. Those capable of destroying the truth are capable of any enormity.

It’s fascinating to me how little integrity radical subjectivists have. If I were sitting before a hearing and I firmly believed a legal philosophy, there is no way I could disavow what I believe to win a nomination. No, it’s inconceivable. I would argue for my beliefs. I could not with a straight face sit before the world and lie.

But my beliefs are grounded in reality. I hold that there are absolutes, that A is A, and that reason can identify reality. Sotomayor, as a postmodern subjectivist, believes none of this. To her, each ethnic group and sex constructs its own “narrative.” How easy it is then for her to state the opposite of what she believes to gain power. Power is the only absolute the New Left really believes in.

It’s even more astonishing when you consider that, with 60 Democrat Senators and plenty of pragmatist Republicans, Sotomayor is a lock to be voted to the Supreme Court. She does not need to lie, and yet the quest for power is so much more important than the truth that she’s not taking any idiotic chances by telling the truth.

This is the nature of the leftist enemy: it’s a black hole, a nothing. We should be able to defeat these nothings as easily as we wipe dandruff off our shoulders. Now, the religionists are a different matter…

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  • madmax

    She’s a minority and a leftist. Thus she can get away with practically anything. Her racist statements will be forgiven and forgotten because they were anti-white statements. Anti-white racism is allowed as it fits in with egalitarianism. Her naked emotionalism will be overlooked by some and lauded by others as it fits in perfectly with our post-Kantian, post-modern world where reason is limited and there are no absolutes. She is the perfect judge for our times and our culture. There is no way she wont be confirmed.