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Government Plans Your Death

August 4th, 2009 by Mike N · No Comments · Uncategorized

JunkfoodScience has another great article on health care. She takes a long look at one provision of Obama care bill now before congress, the part about end of life planning. The article starts with quoting verbatim the provision on ending life. You don’t have to read it all. I only read half of it at which point it was getting unintelligible. One thing I did notice was that the phrase ‘as defined by the Secretary’ was repeated many times, i.e. lots of subjectivism.

The article gives a fascinating history of the managed death movement which details I didn’t know before. But the fact that epistemology is of critical importance, that ideas rule the world, is given in these two paragraphs, among others:

“During the six decades after this first legislative attempt, “euthanasia proponents have learned a lot about public relations,” they wrote. “One lesson is that all social engineering is preceded by verbal engineering. If words or their meaning can be changed, the quest to change hearts and minds will be achieved.”

This important article, traces how the meanings of words have shifted, forming new patterns of thinking — words like ‘terminal’ (which laypeople wrongly think means that death is unavoidable and very close); ‘treatment’ (which has morphed from care given in efforts to cure or ameliorate a medical condition to come to mean prescribing fatal overdoses and lethal injections); and ‘comfort care’ (where a prescription for a “drug overdose, legally prescribed” is now called “comfort care” and, according to Oregon’s Medicaid director, is covered under Oregon’s Health Plan).”

(This is what happens when a society has no objective theory of concepts and why it is important to study philosophy, especially Objectivism which provides one.)

This article reads like a nightmare.I will only say though that I would support assisted suicide if the patient freely consents and no one is compelled to administer it. The dying process is part of life. If quality of life is important, I would think that quality of dying would be important also.

I posted on how some witch doctor wannabes are planning who gets to live and die in a pandemic as part one of a two part post here.I noted in part:

“If you’re wondering why would anyone want such a policy? Power. The lust for control over others. There is no mistake about it. The desire by some to regulate the lives of others is the desire to control all of it including the end points, birth and death.”

This proves the point that there is no such thing as partially accepting a principle (like government regulating your life). Once accepted it must be accepted in its entirety (total dictatorship) or totally repudiated. It is time to totally repudiate government control of medicine and proclaim man’s right to live for his own sake with a free market in medicine.

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