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Peter Schiff

August 25th, 2009 by Myrhaf · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Peter Schiff makes a great deal of sense in the following video interview. He is contemplating a run for Chris Dodd’s Senate seat in Connecticut. It would be the most dramatic Senate race in memory, with a wide difference between the two candidates. One candidate would stand for freedom and rolling back government; the other candidate would be… well, Chris Dodd. A difference does not get starker than that. I think Schiff would stand an excellent chance of riding an anti-big-government wave to victory — unless Dodd stole the election with a little help from his friends.

(UPDATE: If the video does not work in this post, you can watch it here.)

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  • C.W.

    I understand why people are so excited by Mr. Schiff. There are so few who expect the government’s actions to have any adverse consequences. But, my own review of Schiff’s book, “Crash Proof”, concludes that his arguement doesn’t get him to a crash. He also ignores other, more serious problems (and he is just so insulting!). Inflation causes greater harm than our balance of trade. Then, even though inflation is a killer, medicare or Obama may get us first.