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Cracks In the Facade

September 9th, 2009 by Myrhaf · 6 Comments · Politics

I’ve only watched a few minutes here and there of Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News, but I have heard that he was the target of a boycott by the left. It turns out on Friday his ratings beat Bill O’Reilly. It seems this is the first time the 5pm EST slot has bested the 8pm EST slot. Nice work giving him publicity, boycotters! He couldn’t have done it without you.

I’m surprised to hear that the boycott was led by the White House. And who specifically leaned on advertisers to drop Beck like he was hot? Van Jones — the communist who recently joined the millions of unemployed workers in America.

So the Czar of “Green Jobs” spent his time on an Alinskyite campaign attacking Obama’s media enemies. That figures, since “Green Jobs” is a fantasy.

Since 1972 the left has had to lie to the American people in order to gain power. They can never, ever be honest about their intentions; to do so would be electoral suicide. The MSM understand this and everything they report is done in light of the need to hide the true nature of the left. If the average American’s ability to think in principle had not been destroyed by the practices of progressive education, the New Leftists now in power would have been hooted out long ago.

The biggest problem the Obama administration has is that the facade is cracking. Despite the Democrats’ hold on the old media, the truth is getting out. If the understanding of how radically far left Obama really is spreads wide enough, this presidency is finished. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

If I were an Alinskyite radical advising Obama, I think I’d urge him to manufacture an enormous crisis fast — one that gives him cover to shut down the internet, cable news and talk radio. No, I don’t think this White House is smart enough to pull off something like that; maybe no one is. For one thing, America has come to depend on emails, Facebook and so on for communication in their daily lives and business, so stopping the internet would create chaos and resentment against Obama.

Maybe the only realistic choice left for Obama is to continue plastering over the cracks in the facade, and hope to muddle through. At the least he needs a distraction so that people will stop examining and judging him. Some Republican will probably say something stupid and provide the needed distraction; we can usually depend on the GOP for stupidity.

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  • Brad Harper

    “I think I’d urge him to manufacture an enormous crisis fast — one that gives him cover to shut down the internet, cable news and talk radio.”

    I have this nagging fear that the WHO will announce that swine-flu can be spread by ‘Glenn Beck’ related emails…

  • Mike

    Heck, at this point, the left has MADE Glenn Beck. Ordinary folks who don’t have cable or who don’t watch FNC never heard of the guy until the leftist shills on the internet started using his name in political flame threads and such. I learned who he was by hearing about it from people who hated him — and that bunch was a collectivist, nihilist, benighted lot. Anyone who so riles THAT bunch, I figured, must be worth a look. Beck could not have BEGGED for a better marketing campaign.

    In the end, I found Beck’s show uncompelling, mainly because his politics, while well-meaning in some places, are unconscionable in others. So far the closest we’ve come to the genuine article is still Ron Paul. There are high hopes for his disciples (Rand Paul, RJ Harris, Peter Schiff, etc), but each of them still has to get their underlying philosophy right. Time will tell.

  • TW

    “I think I’d urge him to manufacture an enormous crisis fast — one that gives him cover to shut down the internet, cable news and talk radio.”

    Mark Lloyd, Obama’s Diversity Czar at the Federal Communications Commission (a new position that Obama created) is at work on a massive government takeover of the media right now. He wants to turn the Corporation for Public Broadcasting into a full-blown state media apparatus, with Federal funding commensurate with private broadcasters’ capital, and he advocates all sorts of checks on private broadcasters, including licensing fees and FCC-style controls for cable. He also advocates political content regulations for all types of broadcasters.

    He’s in Glen Beck’s sights right now, and you can expect the left are out for Beck’s hide and will go to any desperate lengths to try to eliminate him. I really think they are capable of anything in this atmosphere of desperation.

  • LSX

    The left lunacy and their boycott of Whole Foods backfired and the conservative minded T.E.A. Party people went on mass to support the owner!

    This George Soros originated pressure on Beck’s sponsors will also backfire. Those companies who leave the show will feel the wraith of those who support the Glenn Beck show.

  • Grant

    Don’t worry, Obama will get his terrorist attack – likely before the year is out. If the Bush 41, Clinton, and Bush 43 administrations are any indication, it’s been in Islamofascism’s interests to discredit and confound the American political situation for as long as possible. As soon as “change” arrives – strike. That way, the Americans will rally around their leader – and even though the Islamists will have to put up with some half-hearted military retaliation, they will have ensured the power of a President who will do more to destroy America through his domestic agenda than they could ever hope to do from a few silly terrorist attacks.

  • Mike N

    If any stores do dump Beck I want to know who so I can boycott their products.