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The Narrative

September 29th, 2009 by Myrhaf · 3 Comments · Socialized Medicine

Justin Ruben of says this:

August was a real wake-up call for progressives when health care reform was endangered by an angry mob organized by an alliance of insurance companies, oil companies and right-wing fear-mongers.

He’s continuing the leftist strategy of characterizing citizens concerned about big government taking over health care as an angry mob controlled by dark forces with ignoble motives. Those people who showed up at town halls represent over half of America.

Does he believe it? Probably. It follows from their premise that Americans are corrupted by capitalist greed. That same idea is behind Obama’s statements about doctors being corrupted by greed so that they would perform unnecessary amputations or tonsilectomies to make money (and therefore we need the impartial philosopher-kings of the state to control medicine for the doctors’ own good).

Whether leftists believe it or not, they will repeat statements such as the above quote until it becomes conventional wisdom. Their beliefs and their premises will continue to be at odds with reality. And leftists never, ever think twice about their “narrative”; when they do, they become neocons.

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  • Andrew Dalton

    And leftists never, ever think twice about their “narrative”; when they do, they become neocons.

    So, do they need to think three times to finally get it right?

  • Myrhaf

    Ha! Does anyone think thrice?

  • Lionell Griffith

    What you see is pathological projection. They take their own motivation, repress awareness of it, and attribute it to their enemies. They cannot conceive of a rights respecting, reality oriented, life seeking, value producing, rational perspective on events. They see only themselves in others and call it evil. At least they have the evil part right.