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Damage Control for A Nobel Peace Prize?

October 9th, 2009 by Embedded I · 3 Comments · Culture, Foreign Affairs, Politics

Obama’s response to his Nobel Prize was the best thing I’ve heard from him. He recognizes that it was awarded too soon & reflects no serious achievement.  Though his speech changes nothing, & is surely politic, he has, at least, put his award in a relatively sensible context (excluding his absurd mention of climate change). Obama sees that he has not earned the prize by the principles Alfred Nobel defined.

In fact Obama sees that his prize only means that he stands for the hope of peace.

This view, of the Far Left Nobel Committee, is as appalling as it is unsurprising.  Does the Nobel Committee see Obama’s wishes as sufficient reason for his award?  Sure, Obama wants peace, but even he knows he has not succeeded in achieving what peace requires.  His wish for that achievement means nothing.

As the expression goes, “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride“.  Does the Nobel Committee hope to give Obama a horse, simply by presuming that his wishing is a value?  Put another way, should the fervently spoken hopes for World Peace expressed by a top Beauty Pageant contestant, gain her a Nobel Peace Prize?

All that is embarrassing enough, but this ‘award’ has already been besmirched by having been awarded to the impotent Jimmy Carter, the duplicitous Yasser Arafat, and irrational, power-seeking Al Gore!  Clearly the Nobel Peace Prize goes to the most impotent and least successful.

The Nobel Peace prize is not so much a praise of Obama, as a condemnation.  That he sees it as such is fascinating.  A *prestigious award* is given to a significant political figure, yet so serves to wreck his career that his acceptance speech must also perform damage control.

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  • Grant

    The sickest part is that you’re right, Obama does know that he hasn’t achieved peace yet. In his mind that will only be achieved when the appeasement he’s already performed leads first to more aggression from the world’s ne’er do wells, followed by concessions from their victims, and then that precious little period of bewildered “I can’t believe we got away with it!?” which lingers around for awhile until the the scum manufacture their next greivance.

  • Mark Peters

    The Nobel Peace Prize is really the not-noble-at-all Evasion Prize. They give prizes to those who are best at evading facts, truth and values.

    The corrupt nature of the Nobel committee has been laid bare by this act (not that it wasn’t laid bare before). I wonder how many will acknowledge this?

    Mark Peters

  • James Brangle

    Man, these truths just ring like the ‘ol Liberty Bell herself! People who are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize are the scum of the Earth!