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Her Favorite Political Philosopher

October 18th, 2009 by Myrhaf · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Ron Pisaturo goes to the video tape on Anita Dunn, the White House Communications Director who idolizes Chairman Mao.

Mark Steyn analyzes in style.

By now I shouldn’t be shocked by anything that comes out of this White House, but I’m stunned that they think they can pass off Dunn’s glowing words about Mao as a joke. How stupid do they think we are? Check out the video tape again. (Here is a link to a shorter clip if you don’t want to sit through the longer clip Pisaturo links to.) They’re throwing the joke excuse out there as a reed their supporters can grasp to evade the truth coming from their enemies. Any reed, however slender, is better than letting the hated enemy score one against the left.

The weirdest thing about Dunn’s speech is that she seems to be making an individualist point, urging young people to follow their own path  — with quotes from Chairman Mao and Mother Teresa! How twisted is that? Personally, if I wanted quotes on independence, I’d start with The Fountainhead. But I’m not Obama’s Communications Director. In Obama’s administration, if you want to inspire young people, you start with a quote from the greatest mass murderer of all time.

The truth about the left today is beyond satire. Juvenal, Swift, Sinclair Lewis — their imaginations could not match what comes out of the White House on a regular basis.

If you elect a radical leftist as POTUS, you will get a radical leftist administration. The important question is: what will America look like after four years of a radical leftist president?

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  • Grant

    What starts in adolescense as “they don’t understand” becomes “I’ll make them understand” and then, over the course of a life time, graduates to “They just can’t understand.” It was a great spritual achievement, I’m sure, when a young Ms. Dunn said to herself “Some day, someone will see what I have to offer the world.” She must have been beaming with self-admiration for her internal resilience. We’re seeing it now.

    These leftists, forever angry at “the system” for not letting their irrational fantasies work, internalize it – through existentialist bromides like “fight your own fight” – into a noble crusade. It’s not that communism necessarily degenerates into dictatorship and genocide, it’s just that it’s stubborn opponents leave us with no choice. It’s so obvious that communism works, I just don’t understand how anyone couldn’t see it. I’m Anita Dunn – an otherwise inarticulate leftist do-nothing – and look how high I’ve risen. I’m living proof that it works. If people like me can work at the White House, anything is possible. Hell, I have a higher degree of self-actualization than my opponents, with all their talk about it, could ever dream of. All I need to do now is to believe in myself. Remember who you are, Anita.

    Dunn, et al, actually believe that they have reached some great spiritual plane which the rest of us are simply too dumb to realize is good for us. No wonder she’s not put off by Mao’s actual behavior. If baffoons like Republicans are too stupid to realize that if they keep her from “fighting her fight” they’re all going to be ground up inside the capitalist’s machinery anyways, then putting them down for the sake of noble souls like her and her boss’ supporters, who actually do want the revolution, doesn’t feel so bad.