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November 23rd, 2009 by Bill Brown · 2 Comments · Socialized Medicine

This is the “public option” that statists and those in government want you to see:

This is the “public option” as it really is:

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  • Mike

    I often consider lately those people who think a public option would really play by the same rules as a private option. I am torn between classifying those people as naive useful idiots or as people who have some skin in the game and are pretending to be disinterested in order to sell the scam.

    Folks, I work for a governmental entity and I see the numbers. Trust me, you don’t want the government running ANYTHING it doesn’t have to run. It does not play fair and it does not obey the necessities of reality — to the extent that it can evade via expropriation.

  • Fareed

    “affordable health care for all” more like useful idiots indeed