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Obama’s World

November 28th, 2009 by Myrhaf · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

Over 90% of the previous experience of Obama’s cabinet has not been in the private sector:

obama graph

The second and third least were Kennedy and Carter, but Obama is in his own category. Obama and his people live in their own world, in which the state is everything.

UPDATE: Maybe they need some of this:


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  • Embedded I

    I notice that Clinton is the fourth; all democrats.

    Democrats know that experienced businessmen have no knowledge or skills useful for governing a nation. Besides, businessmen are selfish, lacking in proper moral ideals, and are why the rest of the World hates America.

  • Steve D.

    It’s interesting that even the best are only slightly over 50%.

    Eisenhower was the last American president who regardless of ideology understood how to administer anything.

    Perhaps that’s for the best. Given the direction they want to take us the more incompetent they are the better.

  • Darren

    Wow. Not sure what else to say.

  • Michael Labeit

    To be sure, a predominance of private sector associates doesn’t necessarily imply free market friendliness (Redstate doesn’t suggest this either). No doubt many (most perhaps) past “private sector” advisors withdrew from heavily subsidized industries or enterprises to work finally for the subsidizer.

    I guarantee that the remaining %10 who hail from the private sector in Obama’s clutch are as protectionistic and corporatist as you can get.

  • Grant

    Has anyone ever been startled awake in the middle of the night by loud crash; and come to find out a plate or a stapler fell off of a table or desk?

    In those moments, it seems as if the object took it upon itself to jump off the edge. But then, when you really think about it, what caused it to finally, dramatically crash to the floor was the hours of small, imperceptible movements it had been making from the moment it was set down in the position that, uninterrupted, made such a dramatic finish inevitable.

  • John McVey

    I second Michael’s caveat, and add that sometimes those who come from the private sector are failures with an axe to grind against former competitors. This was no small part of the animus from someone (ex Dillon-Reed, IIRC) in the SEC against Michael Milken, for instance.