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Biased Science Writer

December 19th, 2009 by Mike N · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

I see Associated Press science reporter Seth Borenstein is in the news again. This time it’s Anthoney Watts at Watts Up With That (WUWT). Mr Watts is calling for the AP to divorce it self of Mr. Borenstein’s services due to obvious reporting bias. I couldn’t agree more. In fact I thought Obama might appoint him PR Czar for the GW doomsday bunch.

Before I started posting here at TNC I posted several articles on my personal blog penned by Mr. Borenstein that were obvious cases of cheer leading for the AGW crowd.

In April of 06 he did an article about the picture of the locomotive bearing down on the little girl supposedly showing we still have a little time to stop GW. He did point out that the ad was by Environmental Defense. But he didn’t tell his readers that ED is an extreme left wing advocacy group with a profound bias against free markets and for governmental initiatory force.

Or this post where he champions IPCC leaders who tell Americans “Get used to heat waves” caused by GW, experts say.

Then there is this excellent article in the March 2007 American Thinker by Marc Sheppard in which he reports that after the doomsday scenarios offered by Borenstein, Sheppard says:

“Then, specifically addressing the bogus claims made in the February 1st AP article, the scientist rebuked:

“We concluded that the question of whether there was a greenhouse-cyclone link was pretty much a toss of a coin at the present state of the science, with just a slight leaning towards the likelihood of such a link. But the premature reports suggested that we were asserting the existence of much stronger evidence.””

So we see Mr. Borenstein likes to champion scary doomsday scenarios put out by AGW alarmists, but who precisely gave him his marching orders? Well in 1990 warming alarmist Stephen Schneider said:

“”[We] have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubts we may have. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest.” -Quoted by Dixy Lee Ray in Trashing the Planet (1990)” (source

I would like to see Mr. Borenstein out of the AP for sure but the whole news media is infested with biased reporters that need cleansing. Yes there are some good reporters out there and they need recognition. So I salute people like Anthony Watts and Marc Sheppard for identifying the biased ones.

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  • Mike

    Objective news doesn’t sell media consumption like a sensational lean does. Until education is returned to private hands, we won’t be raising a body politic that cares about getting untarnished facts and doing its own critical analysis. Until then, reporters like Borenstein, reprehensible as they are, are really just reacting to the normal machinations of capitalism. At the price of their integrity, to be sure, but to them that’s not a steep ticket.

  • Mike N

    Mike, you’re so right. So many of today’s reporters have been indoctrinated with the altruist, collectivist, statist philosophy that they actually believe they are reporting truths to the public that will save the planet and who will thusly see themselves as heroes.