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What Does It Mean?

December 23rd, 2009 by Myrhaf · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

One of Obama’s strategies for “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” is to subordinate US sovereignty to international law. Instead of an independent America that pursues its national self-interest, the left wants an America restricted by international law. You could say their goal is the opposite of Washington’s famous advice against entangling alliances — the left very much wants an America entangled, bound and subservient to foreign countries.

So I’m suspicious of an Obama executive order that rescinds parts of a Reagon EO. As I understand it, Interpol is now no longer subject to search and seizure in America. This doesn’t mean that Interpol can search and seize American citizens, but that it cannot be searched and seized by American law enforcement. If any reader with an understanding of international law can tell us the significance of this, please do so in the comments.

UPDATE: Captain Ed looks at this EO revision. He makes an interesting point: American citizens have fewer rights before Interpol than captured foreign terrorists have in America.

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    obama cannot waste his time and efforts when puppeted by the elitists — early every A M his orders are setting on his bedside table for the days’ work already prescribed.This is the beginning of his campaign rhetoric —his own militant militia
    to perform his gestapo arrests and seizure
    which will begin to grow his new militia—for sure, its coming.


    above comment cont’d.
    This means that he,obama, will allow foreign militants to have power over our Homeland Security,F B I ,C I A, and all local police—that obama will silently observe from the safety and immunity of the White House the seizure and disappearance of any one[s] and their family and property that oppose him and his Marxist Dictatorshipby the INTERPOL.