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A Symbolic Incident

January 13th, 2010 by Myrhaf · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

In a free country reporters ask politicians tough questions, to which the politicians either answer or ignore. Preferably, they give an honest answer, as that is what the people deserve from their representatives. Disagreements of opinion are answered with more opinion; reason is answered with reason, and peace reigns throughout the land.

Well, not anymore — at least not on the totalitarian left. When a reporter asks a tough question, the left thinks he deserves this:

Coakley assault at fundraiser meehan-mccormack 

The reporter was John McCormack of the Weekly Standard; the politician was Martha Coakley, Democrat candidate for Senate in Massachusetts. The man in the glasses is apparently a political operative sent to help a Coakley campaign in panic because Republican Scott Brown is rising in the polls.

It’s just one of many examples of how the left really believes only in force.

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  • Benpercent

    This is deeply disturbing.

  • Michael Bahr

    When Rent-A-Thugs wonder why people hate them and will never respect them, they don’t realize it is because of situations like this.

    (This is apart from and aside from the Coakley issue.)

  • Jasmine

    It may be of further interest to note that the Oakley goon staffer in this incidence punching the reporter is Michael Meehan, an Obama appointee for BBG. If anyone is ignorant of what BBG is, it stands for Broadcasting Board of Governors, another litle known federal agency that purportedly fills the void of news (left by commercial media outlets?!) for the “sovereign peoples” (!?) in countries overseas for a taxpayer bill in 2009 0f $772 mil.!! Check out the website of this fed agency for yourself to believe this -it isn’t something one would dare to make up!