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We Interrupt Our Scheduled Programming to Bring You This Special Report

January 25th, 2010 by Myrhaf · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

During the Bush years I tried to balance my blogging with attacks on both the Democrats and Republicans. I don’t want to be a Republican water boy like Limbaugh or Hewitt. As bad as the left is, the right certainly deserves its share of blame for the mess we are in.

I still strive for balance, but now I fail. Nowadays I’m Johnny One Note, ever pounding on the left. The Dems have all the power and make all the news.

What do Republicans do these days but sit back and let the Democrats immolate themselves on their power-lust? The converse of the Spider-Man line is with no power comes no responsibility. And no blame. Republicans are in the ideal position now; they don’t have to do anything, and even when they propose something, the media are too busy reporting on their god in the White House to notice.

Someday the Republicans will regain power, and then they will do stupid things that piss me off, and you readers of New Clarion will be the first to know about it. I promise.

We now return you to our scheduled programming.

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  • Richard

    Speaking of differences between one party being in power versus the other; Peter Schiff recently noted one such observation during a radio interview . While Bush was president he was interviewed on TV constantly. Now that he’s running for office and the Democrats are in power he hardly ever makes an appearance.

  • madmax


    That’s interesting. The Leftist media only used Schiff to insinuate that it was only Bush and his Republican administration that was causing the bad economy and not government intervention as such. Once a Leftist President and Congress were elected however, they no longer wanted anti-government intervention opinions. Its very believable.