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Business As Usual On the Left

February 23rd, 2010 by Myrhaf · No Comments · Uncategorized

Here is a portrait of a leftist character assassin.

And The New York Times is trying to smear the Tea Party movement by linking it to the militia movement of the ’90s.

Robert Tracinski comments on the Times’ smear job in TIA Daily:

The real story here is not about the Tea Party movement; it’s about the left. The ruling political clique in Washington has suffered a catastrophic loss of moral legitimacy—just at the point when they have been seeking a rapid and far-reaching expansion of their power over our lives. This has led a significant portion of the public to conclude that the real essence of the left’s agenda is a lust for power and control. And so a whole series of ideological groups—from Bilderberg conspiracy theorists to students of Ayn Rand and the Federalist Papers—have risen up in response to this dangerous vacuum of moral legitimacy.

And so the left has to seize on the existence of one of these groups, the racists and conspiracy theorists, in order to deny the existence of the real intellectual alternative: the Ayn-Rand-Federalist-Papers wing of the Tea Party phenomenon.

UPDATE: Revision.

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