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Darkness Descends

March 21st, 2010 by Myrhaf · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

History was made tonight. In the past year the American people said they did not want socialized medicine. Tonight the Democrats said “Tough. You’re getting socialized medicine whether you like it or not because we know what’s good for you better than you know.”

Socialized medicine is here to stay. The Republicans will not repeal this legislation. I write this first because they never have significantly rolled back the welfare state. The programs of the New Deal and the Great Society are all still here with us; they created the mess we’re in today. Nobody talks about repealing them.

Second, if you listened to the final speeches of Republican John Boehner and Democrat Nancy Pelosi before the vote, it was obvious who would win, and it was obvious that socialized medicine is here to stay.

John Boehner gave an impassioned speech, during which the Speaker warned him to remember the dignity of the House, I guess because Boehner repeated the word hell. He argued against dubious procedure, Democrat lies and the awful practical results this bill will bring. All of these are good points, but they don’t get at the essential argument against socialized medicine.

Nancy Pelosi argued that health care is a right. She went straight to the altruist morality of our culture, and she won the argument.

John Boehner did not argue that health care is not a right. Without moral certainty, the Republicans will never roll back socialized medicine.

We can’t even begin to know how this bill will worsen our lives. It turns doctors into creatures of the state. Rationing will have to happen, as it always does in socialism. Taxes will rise. 16,000 new IRS agents will be hired to audit Americans, taking us closer to a police state.

For a long time we have been more like Mussolini’s Italy than Jefferson’s America. Tonight we took another leap down the road to serfdom. The America we once knew — a safe and happy place full of “can do spirit” and productive individualists — is now dead. With fear and loathing we look toward the new America.

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  • TW

    I agree. Once such entitlements are enacted, they end up being impossible to repeal. No politician will want to be known for “taking away free health care.”

    We are headed the way of England. How long before our health care system is a running joke to rival theirs?

    How long before we realize that we face a Greek conundrum, with every savvy person knowing what needs to be done, but unable to do it in the face of pitchfork-wielding, entitlement-addicited crowds?

  • L-C

    “Once such entitlements are enacted, they end up being impossible to repeal.”

    You’re right. Oh, and England? Heh, guess again. Without the old you as a beacon, the best of the others won’t be so good anymore. You’re looking at Sweden.

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  • S.O.L.

    If the Colonists could get the Stamp Act repealed we can do the same with this one. Fight it every chance you have; pay as little taxes as you can, vandalize democrat and IRS offices, refuse to fill out the census, refuse to pay the fine for not being insured. There are hundreds of little things you can do every day to make life harder for our rulers. DO them.

  • Antacid

    Vandalism? What do you hope to accomplish with lawlessness?

    I don’t know a good way out, besides litigation in the supreme court on the grounds that the law is unconstitutional. Here’s hoping that the states filing suit are successful in that endeavor.

    The most powerful influence in the opinion of the American masses has lately been the television. I wonder if there is some way we can get some air time to inject some reason into the American conscience regarding health care.