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March 27th, 2010 by Mike N · 4 Comments · Socialized Medicine, Uncategorized

Talk radio host and Detroit News columnist Frank Beckmann had an oped on Wed. 3/24 “Dem’s health care claims lack real proof” which testifies to the kind of education they received. While Mr. Beckmann makes his point well, my point is that they don’t need proof, at least not empirical proof.

Progressive education has taught them that truth is determined by whatever a majority says is true. Things like lying and contradicting oneself are bad only because society has arbitrarily deemed it so. But in reality words are just linguistic tools that one uses to get what one wants. If lying works then use it. For example, if one wants to take over an industry say banks, (or autos or health care) and one gets resistance, one only needs to utter the words “It’s not a takeover” and the socially accepted meaning of those words will work its magic and one will get what one wants. If those words don’t work, try some others.

But proof? That’s just another arbitrary social construct. It only means that if a majority agrees with you then that is proof that you are right at that moment in time. Since today’s leaders were elected by a majority then their subjective reality must be the one the majority wants.

As for all those dissenters? Well their subjective reality lost. Such is the meaning of “That’s what elections are for.” Yes, to see whose subjective reality (read whims) are to be imposed by force on citizens. And since the dominant political ideology of our leaders is collectivism and the moral code on which it is based is the morality of sacrifice, it is nothing less than the sacrifice of all to all that is their goal. With the Obamacare bill just passed some 268 million individuals will be sacrificed for the unearned benefit of a 32 million count minority.

But it isn’t just citizens being sacrificed. It’s the most productive members of society, the businessmen. These are the men and women who look for new products and services, risk their money and time to bring them to market which in turn satisfies the real wants and needs of consumers, not trumped up needs like ‘the uninsured.’
It is what Ayn Rand called hatred of the good for being the good.

Case in point: today my Senator Carl Levin sent me a page and a half email extolling the virtues of the Obamacare bill. The second to last paragraph says: “The health insurance industry has dominated health care decisions in this country for too long. I voted in favor of this historic legislation to finish the task of bringing landmark change to health care in America.”

There it is. The government knows insurance better that insurance companies do. Mr Levin was a member of the old left but has since embraced the thuggish agenda of the new left: to provide Americans with freedom from private business and require dependence on a caring, selfless government.

We’ve got a hard fight ahead but I think that a good start is voting out all these political lifers like the Levins, Dingells, Conyers, Reids etc. Voting for someone new can’t be much worse than the little statists we have in there now.

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  • William Walsh

    It’s never, ever been about healthcare.

  • C. Andrew

    I think that the best justice that could be dispensed to these folks is to vote them out of office and then vote to remove all pensions and healthcare that would be paid to or for them by the taxpayer. Let them live with the system they foisted on us; Social Security and Medicare.

    Of course, that would be the interim solution. We need to get rid of these govt systems but I think that in the mean time, nothing would be more just that requiring them to live as they would have forced us to live.

    Secondly, we need to revist their private fortunes and confiscate anything that came to them because of corrupt actions while in office. For instance, Pelosi’s funnelling of contracts to her husband’s businesses is corrupt on any terms. I’m sure there are instances from other congress critters.

  • C. Andrew

    Oops. Sorry. I meant Mike.

  • L-C

    Beware the men with no ego. Their is a vacuum that keeps on sucking but will never fill.