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Pssst, Left — Your Soul is Showing

April 6th, 2010 by Jim May · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

To hear the Left tell it, Christians are the ones who threaten us.  One way to spot the worst of them is to look out for the ones spouting eschatology.  That’s the part of Bible study involving prophecy, often involving those types who walk around intoning “Repent!  The End is Near!”

I mean, obviously, someone who thinks the world is going to end any time now must be crazy.

Right?  Actually, no — Left.

Well, at least Leftists can still walk around claiming to be the vanguard of society against racism, yes?  I mean, if it weren’t for the Left, nobody would ever have detected all those racists hiding among the Tea Party and the Republican Party.

Right?  Actually, no — Left, again.

Jeebus! Can things get any more obvious?

Well, okay, they may be cultish and more than a bit racist, but you don’t see them taking the final, easy way out for  those who lose the intellectual debate — threatening violence.  At least the remain the side of peace.

Right?  Whoops… sadly no.  Left once more!

Pssst, Leftists — your soul is showing.  Cover up with something, why don’t you… nobody wants to see that.

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  • madmax

    The Black Tea Party Conservatives being called ‘Uncle Tom’ is just what we predicted in the Sarah Palin thread. Any non-white, non-male that departs from the victimization ‘narrative’ is a traitor to the cause.

  • Mike

    The Democratic Party — Taking the Black Vote For Granted Since 1965 (Tm).

  • madmax

    “At least the remain the side of peace.”

    Typo. Left out the ‘y’ in they.