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Purple is the New Brown

May 26th, 2010 by Jim May · 10 Comments · Uncategorized

Having recently taken a class on self-defense and the law, I would caution the “purple people eaters” of SEIU to not try this stunt in states like Utah, Arizona or Nevada.

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  • Mike

    Saaaaayyy… is that you, Castle Doctrine? I know it’s been a while since we hung out, but I just LOVE your substantive provisions. Yeah, you know I love those broad, ample substantive provisions you have. Like the one where there is no duty to retreat. And the one where once a person is outnumbered, that person can defend using deadly force.

    What say I team up with you and we give those hippies on my property ten seconds to scram before I open fire? Yeah, you like, that, don’t you, Castle Doctrine. When I use you like that. You like to be used. That’s why you’re here: to be used, and used hard.

    And guys like me like using you. That’s why we pulled out all the stops to bring you here, back in the day. Back when the hippies and thugs didn’t want you around. They hated you. Because they knew a day like today would come, and I’d be using you against them.

    Thanks for being there when I needed you, Castle Doctrine. That was sweet. Let’s stay in touch more from here on out.

  • L-C

    Mike, the Castle Doctrine one of my major reasons for moving to the US in the future. Sweden not only lacks such a law, it is the polar opposite of it. We’re not allowed to defend ourselves. One man may go to trial for hitting a burglar who attempted to rape his wife. Another was sentenced to prison for preventing the murder of a woman by hitting the attacker with a carjack twice rather than the prescribed once.

    Our legal system’s treatment of assailants and victims is so bizarre and obscene as to be straight out of some dystopian novel about the perfect inversion of justice. It makes me so furious that I have no qualms leaving my family and friends behind for the US. If I stay, there wouldn’t be a proper me to spend time with them.

  • Mike

    Wow, L-C, it sounds like Damon Knight was a modern-day prophet. Sweden truly is becoming The Country of the Kind.

    You are handling it much better than I would. I do not believe I could remain an additional minute in a country where I was not permitted by law and by right to defend my family by any means necessary. Good luck to you, whether you turn to emigration or not.

  • madmax

    What is going on in Sweden philosophically? How did egalitarianism get such a grip of that country? Aren’t Swedes the descendants of Vikings? The Vikings in Valhalla must be spitting in disgust.

  • TW

    “What is going on in Sweden philosophically?”

    I’m late to this discussion, but that is an excellent question. What *did* happen to Sweden philosophically, and when did it happen?

    I visited Sweden in the late 1980s and found it to be a lovely place. Very clean and well-organized with very friendly, intelligent people. No crime in evidence anywhere.

    I remember someone telling me that the suburb of Goteborg where I was staying with a friend was “sort of a bad area.” To me, it looked like one of the nicer U.S. suburbs with immaculate surroundings and friendly people.

    Now I have heard that there are parts of major Swedish cities that the police fear to go.

  • madmax

    “Now I have heard that there are parts of major Swedish cities that the police fear to go.”

    This sounds like the mixture of North African and Turkish immigration with multiculturalism and welfare-statism. I have heard it said that socialism, while always wrong, can at least work for awhile in an homogeneous society with a small population. But welfare-statism/socialism can’t even work temporarily when a society is larger and multi-cultural. I think that today’s Northern Europe is proof of this.

  • L-C

    There’s been an enormous influx of the wrong kind of immigrants the last 15-20 years. This is partly due to multiculturalism, an ideology that fits Sweden like a glove and is therefore particularly strong here. There are notable differences of opinion between the ruling parties and average Joes on this issue, however. Obviously the latters’ sporadic opposition to unlimited immigration, or rather, and more specifically the appeasement of Islam, is based on pragmatism. Ergo, no help from there.

    Coupled with the Animal Farmian “guilty is innocent, innocent is guilty” creed enforced by law and police, it makes for a culture ever more hostile toward peaceful and productive Westerners.

  • Mike

    @madmax, that sounds like something I recall from Nozick, possibly out of Socratic Puzzles or some similar publication. Socialism or even outright despotism can function in the short term. If one’s goal is not life as an ongoing concern, or one’s goal is an immediate, short-term payoff and the expectation that one won’t be around to face the agony that follows, then it seems like a perfectly valid philosophy.

    Of course, that’s virtually the very definition of evil, but what can ya do.

  • L-C

    And Sweden’s dysfunctional “model” has been artificially propped up by several factors (US industry and defense, Nazi money etc.), else it would’ve tanked a long time ago.

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