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“Look, Wealth! Let’s Seize It!”

August 4th, 2010 by Mike N · 2 Comments · Politics

At a polling place yesterday Aug 3rd I was handing out literature for a Republican candidate who is running against the U.S. House seat of lifer Democrat Sander Levin whom I want out. I took a lunch break at home and decided to catch up on my email.I get emails almost every day from various conservative groups and blogs. Today I got this one from regarding Sander’s brother and my Senator Carl Levin. This of course does not surprise me but it seems the Senator is using 4 leftist activist groups-who are pretending to be spokesmen for small businesses in general-as an example of small business clamoring for Levin to double tax large offshore corporations who evidently, aren’t paying their fair share.

“Although Sen. Levin has never been a friend of the free market system in the past, he has suddenly developed a concern for law abiding business owners who lose out when more sizable corporate operations exploit tax shelters, a July report informs readers.”

In other words, because Smith has a way to protect some of his wealth and Jones doesn’t, fairness-not justice-requires that we take more of Smith’s wealth away from him-instead of providing Jones with similar protection.

A tyrant’s greed for power has no end. Like the savage who wants to seize the goods produced by others, Levin sees the profits of offshore corporations and wants to seize them too. Unfortunately, Senator Levin still has 4 years left on his current term. Woe is Michigan, and the Nation for that matter.

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  • Andrew Dalton

    Don’t forget that we have the lefty super-incumbents Dingell and Conyers in the House, too!

  • L-C

    It is not possible to derive self-worth from the domination of others, and no amount of millions or billions of people under the powerlusters’ command will satiate their appetite for control over human life.