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The Left and the Ground Zero Mosque

August 17th, 2010 by Myrhaf · 14 Comments · Uncategorized

The left has gathered itself, picked itself up and brushed itself off about the Ground Zero Mosque issue. For months it seemed that only opponents of the mosque were saying anything about it. It was not an issue on the left until their man in the White House spoke up about it. Now the left is fighting back.

Now, when I write “fighting back,” what do you think this means? Does it mean assembling air-tight philosophical, political and economic arguments grounded in empirical facts? Or does it mean name calling and smearing the other side?

Yes, you guessed it. Josh Marshall explains it for you:

The institutional Republican party has fully (though with some notable and honorable exceptions) hoisted its sail to xenophobia and religious hatred. And as Halperin notes, at least for motivating their own voters, it’s simply good politics. This is not something anybody happened into.

Well, there you go. Those creeps on the right are appealing to xenophobia and religious hatred because that works with the stupid American people. Marshall’s argument is classic leftist thought: forget any subtleties of the issue, just cut to what is important — how the immoral GOP manipulates the American masses with their lies.

Eugene Robinson argues along the same lines:

Lies, distortions, jingoism, xenophobia — another day, another campaign issue that Republicans can use to bash President Obama and the Democrats. First it was illegal immigration. Now it’s the so-called “Ground Zero mosque,” which is not at all what its opponents claim.

As for Obama’s Friday statement, which invigorated the left on the Ground Zero Mosque — at least until the President flip-flopped on Saturday and then explained that he did not flip-flop — James Taranto recaps.

Peter Kirsanow gets to an important point:

President Obama’s statements regarding the proposed Ground Zero mosque are the latest in a series of indicators that we are at a very peculiar pass: We have a president who doesn’t get America. For the first time in history we have a president whose default setting is in opposition to the general sensibilities of the American people. His behavior too frequently suggests that he’s playing a cosmic joke on Americans’ essential decency, considered patriotism, and belief in American exceptionalism.

Obama is in opposition to what Ayn Rand called the American sense of life. This sense of life is the legacy of America’s 18th and 19th century freedom and culture of individualism.

I think Obama’s response is interesting for two reasons. First, it demonstrates better than anything in the last nine years why we are losing the war against totalitarian Islam. In the months following 9/11 I was gloomy. I realized that we did not have the will to win this war, and we would not find the will to fight until things went much worse for us. We lost what we had in WWII. The rise of the New Left had disarmed America, and the primary ideology disarming us is multiculturalism. When all cultures are equal, by what right do we use force to defend Western Civilization?

No, it was clear to me that the left had set us on a course of national and cultural suicide.

In 2008 we elected the worst possible man to lead America: a man of the left, whose soul is one with the New Leftist ideologies. Obama’s speech on Friday at the iftar dinner with Muslim ambassadors was steeped in multiculturalism:

In my inaugural address I said that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus — and non-believers. We are shaped by every language and every culture, drawn from every end of this Earth. And that diversity can bring difficult debates. This is not unique to our time. Past eras have seen controversies about the construction of synagogues or Catholic churches. But time and again, the American people have demonstrated that we can work through these issues, and stay true to our core values, and emerge stronger for it. So it must be — and will be — today.

In a free nation that protects individual rights, none of this is very important. The controversies between various religions are barely noticed because every individual is equal before the law.

But when a nation throws out individual rights and embraces collectivism — the only thing Obama understands — then groups are of primary importance, for governance becomes a matter of pressure group warfare. A controversy such as the Ground Zero Mosque turns into this group against that group.

Obama’s biggest evasion is that the issue is not first about religion, but politics and war. Islam, in addition to being a religion, is a political ideology — a totalitarian ideology that is waging war as it attempts to conquer the world. The Ground Zero Mosque would be a symbol of Islam’s victory in a battle in its war for world domination. Religion and multiculturalism are used to obscure the essential issue and weaken America in its fight against this totalitarian enemy.

The second interesting thing about Obama’s response is that it does oppose the 68% majority of Americans who want the mosque built somewhere else. The majority of Americans are right. Still. They understand that this is about war, not religious rights, and they are still willing to stand up for our national self-defense. They have not entirely let go of their individualist sense of life that Ayn Rand wrote about almost 40 years ago. This is the only good news here, and the American sense of life, tattered and torn as it may be, remains our only hope.

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  • Trencherbone

    I wonder if the Russians would allow the Muslims to build a mosque to celebrate their other great victory of recent years, the child-rape razzia and massacre at Beslan?

    They could even have especially phallic minarets on the site of the school to symbolize the Muslims’ favorite weapon of Jihad.

  • madmax

    The second interesting thing about Obama’s response is that it does oppose the 68% majority of Americans who want the mosque built somewhere else.

    Is there a source for this number. Not that I doubt it but it sounds high. My reasoning is that Obama will have backing from certain demographics no matter what, even if it means the very end of the American Republic and the destruction of the space-time continuum. He will always have the backing of blacks and dark-skinned Hispanics. He will also have the eternal backing of young white “liberals”, single white women, and the homosexual lobby. He will never lose their support. I think if you add up those numbers that they come out to greater than 32%. So my guess is that more than 32% support the building of the Mosque. Hell, many Objectivists support the building of the Mosque. I’m sure most libertarians as well.

  • madmax

    Not that I doubt it but it sounds high

    I meant to say “not that I doubt your voracity, but the number sounds high.” I do doubt the number.

  • madmax

    Thanks for the link. It will be interesting to see if these numbers hold up now that Obama has made it a Democrat issue.

  • L-C

    Pragmatism, collectivism, multiculturalism and altruism serve to force collective suicide upon all of Western civilization. The few defenders of individual rights face not only the onslaught of Islam but also of those who would “tolerate” us all to death by willingly opening the gates and laying down the defense.

    “Pressure group warfare”, as you correctly name it, is a tool used by bureaucrats after statism has been implemented. Its purpose is to make the populace turn inward and focus on itself, with taxation and lobbying as a given, enforcing a sort of sacrifical game of tag or chairs. Goes pretty well with the Marxist idea of a “wealth pie” that is either looted (that is, earned) or evenly distributed.

    In Sweden, politics is almost exclusively a matter of who gets to extort tax money from whom. No one outright questions the notion of doing so; disagreement in this area is mostly limited to single-digit percentage differences.

  • madmax


    I came across this video on the subject of Islamic immigrants in Sweden. It is absolutely depressing.

    How much longer can Sweden last like this? I can easily see how the destruction wrought by Left-liberalism can lead to a nationalist type fascism in Europe. In America too. But Europe looks like it will go first.

  • L-C

    That video describes the condition of the southern city of Malmö, and it will be accurate for the rest of the country soon enough.

    Sweden is quickly heading toward oblivion and I strive to heed that fact with regard to my life strategy. If I can’t get into the US, I’m hoping for Switzerland to be a viable option.

  • Throbbin Yobbin

    Muslims deserve a memorial mosque, not near, but on the site of the Reichtag Fire incident that heralded the Bush regimes’ genocide of Muslims that Obama has yet to end. The ovens and the showers of Gitmo continue under his watch.

    Obama has failed in the de-Bushification of America; America must undergo the spiritual renewal of de-Bushification just like the de-Nazification of Germnay in the late 1940’s. The atrocities of the death camp of Gitmo must be exposed before the eyes of the world just like Auschwitz and Dachau. Then, the wealth of America’s greedy oil and munitions who have made billions from the genocide must have their wealth seized and given to the families of the victims of America’s death machine in Afghanistan and Iraq. I doubt Obama will take those moral and spiritual imperatives seriously, but letting the Mosque be built so Muslims will have a place to mourn the genocide of their people is a good place to start.

  • Bill Brown

    The genocide at Guantanamo? Less than a dozen deaths in a decade is probably in line with mortality expectations. Let’s not cheapen the Holocaust by comparing the two, okay?

  • Inspector

    Also – everything else that was wrong with that…

  • Moataz

    I’m planning to move to switzerland or poland as well. I am currently in NZ and will be giving myself 2 more years to move out. I thought initially of sweden but after seeing the video definitely not going there.

    This is the end result of generous welfare and statist policies and all those unprincipled hacks who support them

  • Antacid

    Throbbin Yobbin,

    You are a special kind of crazy. I hope you seek and get intense psychological help. I’m not posting this as a joke.


    If I were an employer, I would gladly sponsor a VISA for you. As it stands, I am an unemployed recent college graduate who is desperately looking for Civil Engineering work anywhere I can find it across the country.

  • madmax

    You are a special kind of crazy.

    He may be crazy, but he is also a c0nsistent Leftist repeating their main “narrative” regarding Islam and the war. Think about how many wrong philosophic premises are wrong with that view. In many ways the Leftist view is just as far removed from reality as the Muslim one is.