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Introduction to Horror

September 24th, 2010 by Mike N · No Comments · Politics, The Horror File, Uncategorized

I took a look at the new Republican Pledge to America and I don’t like it at all. In the first paragraph of the introduction is this sentence: “America is the belief that any man or woman can – given economic, political, and religious liberty – advance themselves, their families, and the common good.” Right off the bat is the influence of collectivism-common good. Since only individuals exist, and since the good of individuals is the only good to exist, anytime the common good is said to be in addition to the good of individuals, it means that the good of some individuals can (and will be) sacrificed to other individuals. This is not a founding principle of our nation.“Rising joblessness, crushing debt, and a polarizing political environment are fraying the bonds among our people and blurring our sense of national purpose.” Wow! ‘polarizing political environment’ is a typical statist notion condemning the right to disagree which right is guaranteed by the first amendment. And ‘national purpose’, if there can be such a concept, had better mean the right of every individual to set and pursue his own individual purposes and that no collective purpose can require the sacrifice of individual purposes.

The next paragraph contains another mention of common good: “The American people are speaking out, demanding that we realign our country’s compass with its founding principles and apply those principles to solve our common problems for the common good.” Sigh. Actually, the people want the government to apply those principles to solve our individual problems for our individual good. One more.

“We pledge to uphold the purpose and promise of a better America, knowing that to whom much is given, much is expected and that the blessings of our liberty buoy the hopes of mankind.” Wow again! ‘Given’ by whom? This is the collective notion that one’s freedom and prosperity is given by society or the state or god or some such external source and must be paid back lest one be condemned as an evil taker. Completely missing from this introduction is any idea that freedom and prosperity are earned by creating values and trading them for individual mutual benefit on a free market.

This is only the first 3 pages and we see that such statist concepts as ‘common good’ ‘national purpose’, polarizing environment’ and required duty to society–longstanding tenets of the leftist Democratic Party–are shared by the Republican Party. It’s plain to see that the Republican party does not understand our founding principles. In fact, these three pages tell me that the entire document will be an epistemological disaster because they list many noble sounding ideals and generalizations which are treated as if they were concrete bound particulars unrelated to each other.

This short introduction is dissuading me from reading the rest but I shall take two aspirins and plod on perhaps posting on it later. I don’t see the Republican party changing its stripes anytime soon but I’m hopeful that this new crop of winners in Nov can filter into the leadership and bring a few rational thinkers with them. I’m not holding my breath though in the knowledge that this Introduction to Horror was written by some of these same newcomers. Yikes!

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