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Vox Populi, Vox Libertas

September 14th, 2010 by Myrhaf · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

The Tea Party candidates are riding a wave of voters energized and angry at big government. Joe Miller and Christine O’Donnell, among other new Republican politicians, have beaten candidates supported by the Republican establishment to win Republican primaries.

I applaud this trend. As long as I have been watching American politics I’ve been disgusted by the GOP’s way of electing moderates because they can win. Principled candidates have been called “extremists” and therefore unelectable. Instead the establishment backed the pragmatist — no matter how much a watered down welfare statist he was. These moderates have marched hand in hand with the Democrats down the road to serfdom.

It looks like the American people, at least the Republican voters, have had enough of moderation. They want politicians who will oppose the explosion of big government we’ve seen under Obama-Reid-Pelosi, and to be fair, under George W. Bush. The people are out in front of the Republican establishment here, but that’s a good thing: bringing the politicians along with people is easier than changing the masses.

This mirrors what we’ve seen on the left for the last decade. The netroots and the Democrat Base demanded more principles and less compromise from their politicians; with the 2008 election they got what they wanted. Since then Obama-Reid-Pelosi have acted with unprecedented arrogance in expanding state power without Republican input  and against the will of the people. You must admit, though, they have followed their socialist principles.

I think we are seeing the radicalization of the Republican Party. The Democrats radicalized long ago. The Scoop Jackson, pro-America, strong defense wing of the Democrat Party no longer exists. Jackson Democrats are now called Republicans. It looks like the Republicans are now losing their moderates. It’s about time.

This is bad news for the “can’t we all get along” crowd, the hand-wringers who whine about our poisonous politics. The hatred and lack of communication between the two parties will only get worse in the next few years.

I say to hell with the compromisers. Let the gap widen. This is war. If the Democrats stand for socialism and the Republicans stand for less government, then the starker the difference is between the two parties, the better it is for the right. The Democrats will lose Independents for a generation.

The only way we can stop the slide to dictatorship is to stop the growth of government and shrink it greatly. That means no compromising with Democrats. That means dismantling the massive state the progressives have been building since the 1870’s — and that means doing it no matter how much the Democrats and their media scream.

I should note that I expect the Republicans to fail. They haven’t the ideological spine to stand up to the statists yet. The religionists could hijack the Tea Party movement and destroy what it stands for. I have not heard much talk about repealing Obamacare, which indicates that the Republicans will find some way to live with it, unless the people make them pay for their pragmatism. (Isn’t it interesting that when Republicans become the nannies, they make their peace with the nanny state? Power really does corrupt.)

If the Republicans are to have any chance at all of turning Leviathan around, they must start by standing for free market principles. And that means not being a RINO, and not going along with the Democrats in order to get a compliment from the The New York Times and invites to the good cocktail parties in Georgetown and Martha’s Vineyard. They’ll have to live with the scorn of such geniuses as Sean Penn and Sheryl Crow. That can be tough on a politician who just wants to be loved.

The odds are not good that Republicans will stand for any principles at all, but the primary defeats of establishment politicians such as Murkowski and Castle are good baby steps in the right direction.

UPDATE: Just watched this video interview with Christine O’Donnell:

Her solution for economic growth is for the government to get out of the way of entrepreneurs with a two-year moratorium on the capital gains tax and corporate tax. That would work! I have not heard anyone else in Washington, D.C. come up with a plan that good.

Karl Rove and the establishment types should be ashamed of themselves for parroting liberal talking points smearing this woman’s character. It’s time to throw Republican bums out of power.

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  • madmax

    I wonder though if more free-market oriented Republicans will be more religious. It seems that the more secular the Republican the more socialist he is. This is just the way the culture is right now. Today’s secularism is relativist/skeptical/egalitarian. The free-market advocates are almost always more religious; think Jim DeMint. Perhaps it doesn’t matter though. Just get the more free market Republicans in office and the Left can actually serve as a bulwark against the religiosity of the Tea Party Christians.

  • Fareed

    that would require they denounce altruism though wouldn’t it. I don’t think they can do so out and loud

  • Inspector

    I don’t even know who Scoop Jackson is. He wasn’t alive in my living memory and there haven’t been any Democrats I can remember that weren’t mealy-mouthed internationalist UN-knowtowing types at best, not to mention foaming America-haters.

    The term “old left” is an academic one to my generation. There has been nothing but the new left to anyone born after 1980. Actually that term is anachronistic now – they’re just “the left.”

    So yeah, “long ago” about covers it, heh.

  • Jim May

    the Left can actually serve as a bulwark against the religiosity of the Tea Party Christians.

    If they do that, it won’t be due to anti-religiosity on their part; did you note the appeals to religion coming from the Democrats recently?

    The only ones who can keep a check on the religious right, will be the secular right. Ultimately, that has to be us, and those influenced by us.

    If you don’t think we’re nearly influential enough to be that check right now, then our work is cut out for us, yes?

    As Glenn Reynolds likes to say: “Faster, please.”

  • madmax

    If you don’t think we’re nearly influential enough to be that…

    Actually, AllahPundit who blogs at HotAir has solicited an argument from Objectivists regarding Jim DeMint that “small government requires big God.” I have never seen that before. Change is definitely occurring. I wonder if the pace of pro-Objectivist change might start to increase in the near future. I also wonder if this ‘Atlas Shrugged’ movie will have any effect; assuming it isn’t an utter disaster which you can’t rule out.