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How I Will Vote

October 30th, 2010 by Myrhaf · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

I’ve never voted for a Democrat in my life. However, you could say I’ve never voted FOR a Republican, either.

What motivates me to enter the voting booth is always the prospect of voting against the Democrats. For a long time the Democrats have been a power-lusting statist party with totalitarian aspects. They lie about and smear their opponents. They show contempt for the American people, whose lives they think should be controlled by our masters in Washington, D.C. They push relentlessly for more government control, more centralized power, more chains on the economy and less freedom everywhere. They undermine the integrity of our elections by cheating with the votes. They threaten free speech with such laws as campaign finance and the fairness doctrine. They weaken America’s security with their foreign policy of appeasement. They act as if the Constitution were meaningless.

Freedom in America will not survive with the Democrats in power.

The election coming up on November 2 is the ultimate vote-against-the-Democrats election. Since the election of Obama in 2008 we’ve seen everything bad about the Dems — in industrial strength. (Or should that read “bureaucratic strength”?)

Robert Tracinski makes a good point about the way Democrats view the American people:

The Democratic Party faces a reckoning for showing contempt for the governed—for telling us that they had to pass the bill so that we could find out what was in it, as if we were too stupid to analyze it for ourselves—for smearing ideological opponents as racists—for regarding all the bitter clingers in flyover country as mentally defective because, in the words of President Obama, they’re “hard-wired not to always think clearly” when the issues get too difficult for their poor little heads.

Obama thinks Americans resist his attempts to “fundamentally transform” the country because their minds are hard-wired not to understand. This stunning arrogance is based on determinism; the American people cannot be rational.

If the people are beyond reason, then there is only one way to deal with them: force. And force is the essence of all Democrat programs. The Democrats seek to expand state power into every aspect of our lives in order to force us live the way the state wants — all for our own good, which we are hard-wired not to understand.

There are divisions among Objectivists on politics, but this election they are united in voting against the far-leftist Democrats — from Tracinski, who is a gung-ho Republican, to Scott Holleran, who has nothing but contempt for Republicans. Holleran agrees with Leonard Peikoff: “vote for the Republicans in order to have the time to defeat them.”

We need a landslide against the Democrats in November, a historic defeat, to set back their power grab.


Here in California we have two Republican ladies who were big businessmen now looking to be big politicians. Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay, is running for governor against the New Leftist has-been Jerry Brown. Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlitt-Packard, is running for senator against Barbara Boxer. Both women are spending million of dollars on some of the worst campaign ads you’ll ever see. Just being the CEO of a big corporation does not mean one knows a damn thing about economics or the principles of freedom.

This ad by Fiorina makes the case that she is a moderate who won’t bicker and who will vote against her own party. The ad screams pragmatism to me. Whitman’s ad is a little better, but not much; she says she’s “tough,” but doesn’t get specific about anything.

Perhaps Fiorina’s campaign senses that she should seem to have “conservative principles” to right-wing voters. I heard a Fiorina ad announcing that the candidate is against abortion during the Rush Limbaugh Show. How about that? A Republican who promises to be squishy on everything but abortion! Do they get worse than that?

As bad as Republican ads are in California, we can always depend on Democrats to run ads that are even worse. Every election season I’m astonished at how Democrats are so out of touch with my thinking that they actually run attack ads that make me want to vote for their opponent. 

Boxer’s ad attacks Fiorina for laying off workers, outsourcing jobs and buying corporate jets for herself. Brown’s ad attacks Whitman for insider trading, making too much money and laying off workers. Democrats don’t understand that corporations are not little welfare states; they exist to make a profit, not to provide jobs for Americans. These Dems are the same people who think that “stimulus packages” — that is, the government spending money — is the way to create jobs.

The Democrats have no new ideas. All they have is envy and class warfare. The last two years of Democrat statism have made more Americans understand this. On November 2nd the way to vote no against statism is to vote Republican. It’s too bad Republicans get the benefit of this protest vote. They don’t deserve it.

(I do not speak for anyone else in this post. This is not a “New Clarion endorsement,” just a statement of how Myrhaf [Bill Greeley] will vote.)

UPDATE: I cut a gratuitous insult of Senator Boxer.

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  • Mike N

    You’re right that the Republicans don’t deserve the victories they are about to receive. But sometimes elections are like inherited wealth, they can be preserved by effort or blown with irresponsibility.

    It is up to we the people to educate ourselves as to what we want our representatives to do–namely protect our rights–and hold the feet of those we elect to the fire of individual rights.