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The Left Explains the Election

November 4th, 2010 by Myrhaf · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

John Hawkins has trawled the port side of the blogosphere for reactions to the Democrat bloodbath on Tuesday. My favorite:

Soir: Après le merde, le déluge

The Frenchified title is intended for the usual reasons, namely, to rub teabagger wingnut noses in their swinish lack of sophistication. I’d say I was just making a joke, but I’m afraid our right-blog friends have cracked that code, so why pretend?

Though apart from the obvious allusion to the fact that all Republican voters are dreadful unlettered hillbillies who poo in their trucker caps and only have sex with chickens because the goats move too fast and are probably gay Muslims anyway… — Firedoglake

It’s so far over the top that it’s funny. Recently I’ve been reading John O’Hara, Chekhov, Fielding and Restoration comedy. Then I log onto the internet to read that I am an unlettered hillbilly. Okay.

I hope the left continues in its delusions for the next three or four years at least. As long as they keep blaming everyone but themselves, they’ll keep losing elections.

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  • Andrew Dalton

    And shouldn’t the word for “shit” have the feminine article? I’ve never taken French, but Google Translator gives la merde, and I know that the cognate in Spanish is feminine (la mierda).

  • Andrew Dalton

    One of those quotes is from Charles Johnson at LGF. CJ’s leftward ideological trajectory has been disappointing enough, but he has also adopted the Left’s snide rhetorical mannerisms as well. Sad.

  • madmax

    CJ’s leftward ideological trajectory has been disappointing enough, but he has also adopted the Left’s snide rhetorical mannerisms as well. Sad.

    Pathetically sad. Does Johnson not understand that there are non-religious fanatics that believe in small government and genuinely free markets? He sees a theocratic boogeyman behind every corner. Typical Leftist. He’s become totally unlikable.

  • Andrew Dalton

    madmax –

    Only if it’s a Christian theocratic boogeyman.

    Now, betraying the unapologetic defense of the West that his blog once stood for, CJ is pooh-poohing the threat of Islam:

  • madmax

    Yesterday the voters of Oklahoma sprang into action and passed landmark legislation to ban something that doesn’t exist.

    Typical Leftist snark.

    I think Myrhaf called him a 9/11 liberal awhile back. That’s what he was. 9/11 shocked him out of his Leftism for 6 years or so, but eventually his Leftist psychology started to reemerge. This is probably for psycho-epistemological reasons. If you don’t challenge altruism and egalitarianism you can’t escape Leftism. If you accept altruism but reject egalitarianism you become a Conservative. Johnson is a slave to both. Thus he exhibits all the trademark Leftist pathologies.

    I wrote him off as a misguided sole awhile back. But now I actively dislike him.

  • Myrhaf

    In Russian fiction you’ll see characters who sprinkle their speech with French phrases. I think it means they are putting on airs. Plus ça change…

  • Richard


    “a misguided sole”: a Muslim insult that missed its target