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The New Tone of Civility

February 19th, 2011 by Myrhaf · 1 Comment · Culture, Politics

After the shooting in Tucson, the MSM speculated without evidence that the shooter was motivated by the extremist rhetoric of the right. So now that the media have called for a new tone of civility, everyone is nice and polite, right? Not quite:


And after all the blather about crosshairs on pictures, you’d think the Democrats in Wisconsin would avoid this:


It’s interesting that the media is obsessed with right-wing rhetoric when there is actually very little violence on the right. But you can watch left-wing violence with your own eyes. (Please click the link, as I can’t seem to embed the video using BlogDesk.)

So there is a leftist criminal conspiracy afoot in the land that has a record of committing violence against the right. If there were such a gang on the right, you know it would be HUGE news. The MSM would work to establish a connection in everyone’s mind linking those who oppose statism with violence.

The MSM is not about reporting the news, but advancing a political agenda. It’s not just that the personal is the political; on the left everything is political. The truth is sacrificed for political ends.

I hope I never lose my amazement at the cynicism and dishonesty of the left. When we yawn at lies, the liars have won.

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    Myrhaf’s observation ‘at home in America’, is of course bang on. But it has just reached another level of depravity by the Left and by the MSM.

    Both have sought to whitewash from existence the violent sexual assault of reporter Lara Logan by 200!! ‘democracy’ protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

    Diane West grasps the hypocrisy of the Western Media. Her article is published in the Israeli National News under the title:
    “If a Mob Screams ‘Jew, Jew!’ in a Cairo Square, Do MSM Hear It?

    This eyes-wide-shut character of the western media has been seen before.

    For years (ten?) NYSlime reporters orbited Saddam Hussein, completely aware of the vicious torturing, killings & mass graves perpetrated by his staff, his sons and himself. They did not report them —&/or the editors quietly removed such reports, so the NYT could “keep reporting on Iraq”. Of course, that duplicity kept the World ignorant and gave Saddam’s regime an ongoing get-out-of-jail-free card.

    But the Left IS all about brotherly love and sharing, right?