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March 24th, 2011 by Myrhaf · 1 Comment · Link Cavalcade

I walked into a diner yesterday with $20. After a seafood dinner, coffee, tax and tip, I walked out with $1. 10 years ago I think the same dinner would have cost in the $10 range.

I remember when I was young scraping by for three or four days on $5 until I got paid. Granted, I was eating cheap stuff, but now I would shudder at having to live even one day on just $5. (Remember those books with titles like “Europe On $5 a Day”?)

Peter Ferrara looks at the grim outlook on inflation and more. If he is right, our national survival is at stake.

Here is a tape of leftists discussing their goal to take down the capitalist system and redistribute wealth. At the end a speaker mentions Cloward and Piven’s idea of creating “ungovernability” — so the left does take their ideas seriously, and it’s not just right-wing hysteria to say so.

Elan Journo argues that intervention in Libya is not in U.S. national interest.

David Horowitz is no longer a Neo-Conservative.

Michael Hurd on Obama’s little war.

Actors talk about what it’s like not to be a leftist in show business.

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  • L-C

    The US is heading toward the same fate as Europe, only delayed by some amount of time. For us, a $4/gallon gas price would be a huge improvement. It’s hovering around $8 right now.

    Discounts for the retired are very common here, as many of them, even couples where both of them worked all their adult life, would otherwise have to live like students. It’s extremely difficult to save money when salaries are lower, prices are higher and taxes amount to over 70%. You’d be surprised how large a percentage of people in Sweden live month to month.