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Cavalcade of Links

March 9th, 2011 by Myrhaf · 1 Comment · Culture, Link Cavalcade, Politics

Barry Rubin argues that Obama is bringing disaster to the Middle East and US interests.

Michael Hurd explains Charlie Sheen.

Evan Sayet looks at how leftists portray themselves in movies and TV. I think the explanation is that the left accepts the mind-body dichotomy, which is as old as Plato. The moral ideal is altruism, they believe, but in the reality of the flawed world we live in, everyone is petty and selfish. Comics like Larry David understand that there is more comedy in cynicism than in the left’s moral ideal.

If you like Classic Rock, Gary Moore gets quite a tone on “Red House.”

Spending cuts in perspective.

This piece in the New York Times about pharmaceutical companies is depressing. Government intervention is destroying the drug industry. And it will only get worse:

The new law also contains a major threat to drug industry profits in a little-known section that would allow centralized price-setting. Beginning in 2015, an independent board appointed by the president could lower prices across the board in Medicare unless Congress acted each year to overrule it. Medicare pays more than 20 percent of the nation’s retail drug bills.

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  • Inspector

    The Rubin piece is also depressing. He’s right, and between Multiculturalism and Religionists who are unwilling to badmouth Islamism for fear of drawing attention to the problems of religion in government, this one isn’t getting better any time soon.

    I had to laugh at the Forrest Gump bit in the Sayet article. I agree with the commentator, though, about viewing Seinfeld through the lens of comedy. It’s still probably revealing in the way he is saying, though.

    Gary Moore could play, that’s for sure.

    On pharma, yeah. A little bird tells me it’s pretty much already over for R&D in that industry. They’ve been transitioning for some time into the new government-centric model. I hope I don’t fall ill any time soon.