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This Week’s Hobgoblin

March 17th, 2011 by Myrhaf · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

Never let a good crisis go to waste, right? With thousands dead and a staggering loss of wealth in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami, the left sees an opportunity to create hysteria over nuclear power. Lots of misery? Oh, boy — let’s use it to score political points! Gus Van Horn posts with plenty of thought-provoking links.

Alarm bells go off in my head when the media create their “narrative” in a fast moving news story before they know all the facts. They immediately decided that Jared Loughner was a “right-wing extremist” before they knew a thing about him. They did the same thing with Lee Harvey Oswald almost 50 years earlier, proving that the left never learns a damned thing.

Now with the Japanese nuclear plants in trouble, I hear from the media that nuclear power in general has been set back. No more new plants now! How can they jump to this conclusion when we don’t have all the facts in Japan? They want fear, their endless parade of hobgoblins, not facts.

Almost 30 years ago I read somewhere that the problem at Three Mile Island actually proved how safe nuclear power is, but the left used it to stop production of new plants. Not one person died because of Three Mile Island. As the old bumper sticker read, “More people have died in Ted Kennedy’s car than in nuclear power plants.”

Environmentalists have lied so much for so long that I dismiss anything they say just as I dismiss statements about God and religion. Environmentalism is not science; it is political ideology. It is anti-capitalism that wears the mask of science to hide its purpose of destruction.

Even if a reactor in Japan spreads radiation, I would advise people not to accept the anti-nuclear hysteria outright. Let’s wait for the facts. After all, Lee Harvey Oswald turned out to be a communist.

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  • Shane Atwell

    I’m investing in uranium. ETF is down like 50%. My bet is Nuclear is going to come through this looking very good.

  • Mike

    “Meltdown” comes the cry from every left-leaning crevice. “Radioactive death seeping into the very soil of northern Japan! Generations of cancer, death, and suffering!”

    None of them realize that even in Chernobyl, the molten core didn’t make it past the plant’s concrete basement.

  • Prasad

    We should search other resources to produce power

  • Inspector

    I disagree, Prasad. Western nuclear plants are very safe. I would bet good money that no significant amount of radiation or radioactive material will be spread off site from the Japanese power plant.

  • Richard

    I don’t know how this will wind up on a PR level. But even the Democrats and leftists I know aren’t buying it. I don’t know many people who are. Perhaps only the sincere Viros, but within my circle of day-to-day social life it’s not working.

  • madmax

    I would bet good money that no significant amount of radiation or radioactive material will be spread off site from the Japanese power plant.

    Me too. I think it could be argued that the nuclear reactor problems are the least important in this whole affair. The Bank of Japan’s massive inflationary reaction to the Tsunami is probably a much greater threat than that posed by radiation.

    But you know Leftists: “never let a crisis go to waste”…

  • Katrina

    I always find this chart helpful when thinking about radiation concerns.

  • Inspector

    Yes, precisely, Katrina. That chart should give everyone an idea of what I meant in my above usage of the word “significant.”